The amount of money tacked onto each mission is to help gauge how "difficult" the mission will be or how "important". Guarding a VIP for 500,000 Ryo could be as difficult as wrangling a loose animal but as important as the retrieval of classified information.

Below are how missions should be picked up

  • S-Rank Missions are only to be handled by experienced jōnin and ANBU
  • A-Rank Missions can be given to jōnin and to elite chūnin
  • B-Rank Missions are meant for experienced chūnin and sometimes jōnin
  • C-Rank Missions can be picked up by experienced genin and new chūnin
  • D-Rank Missions are for new genin

That said, D-Rank missions aren't going to be up on the roster because there isn't really anything you can do "post wise" and ten missions about retrieving lost cats would get insanely boring.

Below are the "rules"

  • Missions can be done solo, in two man squads, or three man squads
  • Message each other before you sign up for missions
  • When concerning higher ranked missions, an experienced chūnin can go on an A-Rank mission if accompanied by an elite chūnin or a jōnin (or two elite chūnin or two jōnin)
  • Same goes for B-Rank, a new chūnin can go on the mission if the other two members are either experienced chūnin or jōnin
  • That said, a genin (experienced or not) cannot go on anything higher than a C-Rank mission no matter who they're accompanied by
  • If you want to go on a mission solo then you have to get permission from either of the Hokage's
  • You can "create" at most three characters that sometimes go on missions with you (Example: Kimiko before she joined the RP was a character that Keisuke created) in the case that everyone else in the RP is already out on a mission
  • Message Sasuke or I to possibly be "exceptions" to these rules
  • Any questions, message!