S-Rank Missions
Contact Naruto or Sasuke to receive an S-Rank Mission

There is an Ninja Ostrich attacking the villagers
Detain the Ostrich and bring him back to the animal enclosure
Use Caution, this Ostrich is highly skilled and highly dangerous
1,000,000 Ryo Payout

Taken by Naruto and Sasuke

A-Rank Missions

There have been confirmed sightings of rogue ninjas in some neighbouring villages
Find them and bring them home
500,000 Ryo Payout

A Lord and his daughter require an escort into the Hidden Mist Village
Protect them from any danger you come across
250,000 Ryo Payout

Taken by Kakashi and to-be-named Recruit

B-Rank Missions
Information on battle strategies have made their ways into enemy hands
Infiltrate and "plug the leak"
200,000 Ryo Payout

Lately our shinobi have been disappearing while out on watch and are still no where to be found
Head out to where they were last seen and figure out what's going on
180,000 Ryo Payout

There's a rogue ninja from the Sand killing off our scouts in droves
Locate them and end them
175,000 Ryo Payout

A Caravan of supplies is coming in
Meet them at the rendevous point and make sure they make it safely to the village
150,000 Ryo Payout

C-Rank Missions

A squad was attacked on mission and they're sending an injured teammate back
Meet them halfway and help them back to the village
Medical Ninja preferred to provide preliminary medical treatment
65,000 Ryo Payout

Taken by Satomi, Kyo, and Ino

The scouts have been found dead at the East post
Get to the scene and gather information
Do not engage any hostiles should they arise
50,000 Ryo Payout

A messenger hawk was intercepted in delivering a message from the Hidden Sand
Go to the Hidden Sand and receive the message
30,000 Ryo Payout