A Normal Day at the Academy?

It's hard being the middle child. You are not the baby or the golden first. Often times you get overlooked by everyone and seen as nothing special. I am that middle child.
My dad, you see, always wanted sons. All of his siblings and cousins had daughters, causing everyone to fear for the end of the Ito clan. So, all the pressure was on a newly married Hachiro Ito, my dad, to produce as many heirs as possible.
It was a huge celebration when my mother gave birth to my older brother, Azayako, the golden child. He was groomed to be perfect. He's a lady's man and is super popular. He is also a great ninja, working as a J┼Źnin.

To my father's disappointment, I was born next. Another useless Ito female. I was taught at a young age I was only in existence to marry into a prominent clan.

Luckily for my dad my little brothers were born next. Twin geniuses. Koichi and Koji are their names. They graduated this year at the age of 7! How crazy is that? I have not even graduated yet! Sure, 12 is the supposed average age for graduation, but my dad expects more.
I need to get stronger…I need to prove myself.

Keiko Ito, a 12 year old girl with long brown hair braided in pigtails, had her head in a book studying for the future exams. This year she would pass. She blocked out the chatter of her classmates as she read about the basic clone ability.

Fumihiko, a boy her age with black hair hanging in his green eyes watched Keiko read. He smirked to himself as he snatched the book from her hands.

“HEY!” she cried, grabbing at the book, “Fumihiko! Give me back my book!”

“Oh, come on Kei-chaaaan! You’ve studied enough for today!” he whined.

“Have not!”

“If you over study you’re going to make your brain explode~” he teased, playfully.

“I have to pass this year…”

“And you will.” He said earnestly, “Don’t overthink it, Kei-chan. Being a ninja is more than just book smarts, it comes from your heart.”

“Alright class!” Iruka-sensei called, a hush falling across the room.

“Today we have a special guest who is coming to talk to you about his achievements as a ninja. He’s the hero of our village, standing in for our Hokage, and a former student of mi-“

Another teacher whispered into Iruka’s ear.

“Late?” he muttered back, clenching his fists.

“He’s gonna blow!” a student whispered loudly.

“NARUTO!” Iruka shouted.

Yes, another day at the academy.
OOC:MY FIRST POST. OMG THIS TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE. Mostly cause I needed names. NAMMMMESSS....anyways. I hope this is the sort of thing you're looking for!