Settled In

"Finally, I'm done."

An exhausted Naruto Uzumaki relaxed into his comfy plush chair after signing the last bit of paperwork on his docket. How was it that he was the only shinobi in the village qualified to take over as Hokage while Tsunade was away on business was a mystery even to him. He was still a genin where rank was concerned, but he was both a Sage and in complete control of the beast within him... still! Not only that... a certain someone had been stuck to him like glue ever since...

"Finished, are you?"

Naruto glared up at the always emotionless voice with complete and utter disdain. It wasn't enough that they asked him to watch over the village, but they asked that teme to do so as well. Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto's teammate, friend, and rival.

His eyes narrowed at the raven haired shinobi lurking over him and he mumbled out of the corner of his mouth, "The way you say that makes it sound like you're surprised."

Sasuke shrugged with a mocking grin. "Forgot you could read."

The damn Uchiha always picked on him like that. Belittling his intelligence. Making him feel like a fool! It took everything Naruto had not to leap across his desk and strangle his childhood friend. But, he had to make a good impression on the council if he wanted to be considered for the candidacy for the Sixth Hokage. He could keep his cool. Even around the teme.

"Why don't you stop bothering me and do your own paperwork." Naruto grumbled, setting down his brush and holding his hands behind his head.

Sasuke made a quiet sound that could only have been amusement. "Unlike you, I get my work done on time."

"Yeah. You're just Mr Punctual." Naruto continued to mutter in spite. He didn't know why the council thought that he needed anyone, let alone Sasuke, to keep an eye on him. Just because he hasn't had a chance to participate in the chuunin exams for a second time didn't mean that he was incompetent!

Just as Naruto was about to kick his teammate out of his office a messenger bird landed on the windowsill. Strange, messages were rarely delivered to him directly. Not many people actually knew where he was, the council thought it best that the populace didn't know that a child was standing in as leader of their village. Cautiously he approached the open window and retrieved the message from between its wings.


It's Iruka, I know you're busy acting as Hokage while Tsunade's away but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind coming by the Academy to meet the new students. It'd really help motivate them if you told them about your accomplishments, being as young as you are. I understand if you can't make it though I'd be eternally grateful if you could.


As Naruto read the letter he could feel Sasuke looming over him. Even his private messages weren't sacred in the eyes of that teme! That was it, that was crossing the line. Sasuke had been inside his head, of all things, and now he was reading his mail? That was too much. No way he was taking that lying down.

"You've had a face to face chat with the Nine Tails and you're still nosing into my business?" Naruto groaned, shoving his friend lightly. "What's it gonna take to get you off my back!"

"Doing your work would be a start." He offered in response before heading for the door.

Since he'd been expecting more of a confrontation, Naruto was thoroughly confused. "Where're you going?" He asked.

"To greet the new students." Sasuke threw over his shoulder. "Better they see a real shinobi and not some stupid dobe."

With a slack jaw Naruto just watched as the door to his office was opened and shut. Was he really planning on... no... no way... but he couldn't risk it! He reached for his jacket and ran after his friend.

"Sasuke! You get back here! I won't lose to you! I'll show those kids a real dobe!"


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