Story Progression

Sasuke and I have decided to make this world a bit more about you recruits to allow your stories to be told! And this is just a post letting you know what the hell I'm talking about, for one, and also to let you know how this will be working. A "Story Progression" example will be provided on the next page. Now! More rules:

- All posts along storylines must be grammatically correct, this is a serious RP and we want everything to be easy for everyone to read. If English isn't your first language, send it my way and I'll proof read it for you (or Sasuke will). That said a little mistake here or there is expected

- Links to every story involving your character should be provided in a list on your individual RP world to help navigate through and keep up with the stories as they progress

- An easy alternative to the rule above is to select "Feature on Your Portfolio" after every "Story Progression" post

- Don't try to barge in on others posts. The original posters can invite you in but otherwise if your name isn't mentioned (this goes for Leaf Ninja and Recruits) just sit back and read along

- Try to confirm that a story's happening before majorly involving others. People are busy and can't always commit to a lengthy story

- First posts will be posted here. Responses will stay in your own worlds. Helps things keep from getting cluttered

- Also try to confirm who's responding before posting if your plot includes three characters. We don't want two people responding to the same post and having two different things happening at once

- For the sake of organization, all posts branching off of an original post will have the same title but will have your name tacked on it (better exemplified on the next page)

- If you disagree with something someone posted about you (Sasuke said "Hey, that's so RAD!" / Naruto said "Life is a lifeless pit of despair...") then pull aside the writer and point it out. People aren't perfect and screw things up. Maybe they switched names around by accident

- Again, no flaming. That's just a rule for every part of this RP

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