For those interested in being a part of this Naruto RP, here's what you'll need to know. These are the rules. Any questions after reading you should message Sasuke or I to help explain further! Now that that's out of the way, let's get this show on the road:

  • Anyone interested in taking over a role must contact either Sasuke or myself before going through with anything else
  • Remain in character at all times
  • I will make your accounts to give you a world that's meant solely for the RP/Story Progression (see STORY PROGRESSION, second tab in Introduction)
  • Recruits and Leaf Ninja must post at least once every two weeks in either one of their own public worlds or Konoha itself or make regular appearances in chatzy
  • Original Characters cannot be related to any characters directly. No unheard of brothers and sisters, no accidental children, yada yada. But if you want to be a part of a certain clan then it's fine if you're a distant cousin
  • That said, no new Uchiha's
  • If you're pulled aside by Administration and you're told to stop "X, Y, & Z", you have two chances to adhere to their requests before you're suspended from the RP (depending on the violation suspension will vary)
  • If you're also a part of the Host Club please keep the two as separate as you can as we are separate entities
  • Keep language, posts, and actions PG-13 while on theO
  • In chatzy you can pretty much go R but not NC-17, you wanna smut RP then do it on your own time, we don't wanna see it
  • No backseat modding
  • No flaming/attacking other RPer's because you as a mun don't like their character
  • Above all keep in mind that this is an RP, this is just for fun
  • Recruits do not need a separate account, as long as you have a world meant solely for the RP everything is right as rain
  • RPer's are to keep their identity a secret (but not from Sasuke or I, we know all) at all costs
  • If you want to involve another character in your drama then you must contact them ahead of time so they know what they're getting into
  • If your character commits a crime or anything in the village it will be treated accordingly, desertion will result in execution and so-on. Do not assume that your characters actions will be over looked without clearing it with Sasuke or I first
  • Recruits will include their profile's in the introduction to their RP world. You can choose how much you want to include in it (it doesn't have to be the whole template that was just for authorizing you as a recruit) but you must include your character's name, age, and the brief bio. Allow your character's strengths and weaknesses come across in your writings!
  • I will be posting "big events in Konoha" and they'll have their own links in the introduction as well and they'll (hopefully) include most of the RP to gauge reactions and incite connections. This will range from "Invasion of Rogue Shinobi" to "Summer Festival" and everything in between
  • RPer's can include a "Liberties Taken as an RPer" in their world
  • This RP is connected to the Akatsuki RP, so it's as if they're all still alive and will sometimes interact
  • We've spread out the Naruto timeline so it's a little more believable. Asuma Sarutobi died three and a half years ago, the attack on the village was six months after that, and the Fourth Shinobi War was six months after that. This RP is taking place approximately two after the war. Making the RP's about 4 1/2 years older but only two years in the future
  • Any problems with this message either Sasuke or I and we can come to a compromise