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Hello all and welcome to Konoha! I am Naruto Uzumaki and since every other eligible shinobi is not available, I'm your stand in Hokage. Be afraid. Though I've been stuck with Sasuke! This isn't the first time you've seen me. I was here a couple years ago with absolutely no clue but this time it's different. Most more organised and all that good stuff. And starting this time around there's going to be a couple of new features on top of the old meeting ground for the RPer's.

The newest part of the Naruto RP is going to be the allotment of Original Characters into the stream. You'll be given a template for you to fill out and send to me and below I'll be explaining what's going to be so special about this addition.

  • You can be placed into teams that'll be captained by actual characters for missions (2 Recruits, 1 Character)
  • To keep up with posting, once placed in your teams you must meet a requirement of completing at least one mission a month.
  • Every now and then there will be missions and you'll have to work with your team to meet the requirements
  • Missions will be posted the 1st of every month starting in January
  • Sasuke and I will arrange official missions while squad leaders can "pick up" assignments that are less crucial for their teams
  • Characters and OC's can go on missions that aren't part of the requirement of the RP

Recruit Template:
Weight (optional):
Bio (brief):
Unique Features (optional):
Alignment (good/bad/indifferent):
Also be sure to include a 100 by 100 avatar representing your character to be put in the recruit tab

news to all

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Bringing this to the forefront of everyone's mind

Since next week is St. Patty's, I'll be hosting another one of my classy soirees in chatzy. If you do not wear green I swear I will pinch your asses so hard it'll make your ancestors dizzy. Beer provided, feel free to bring your own booze (I also have whiskey but goddammit if you guys but a dent in my stores I'll throw a shit fit)! General rules still apply, no one under 17 drinks, try to get home on your own since my apartment can't really accommodate three people besides myself, no goddamn drama or I'll rasengan your face so hard you'll be spitting out nine-tails chakra for weeks.

I'll say all are invited except for Itachi since you and Sasuke haven't really cleared anything up (though doing it while Sasuke's drunk would probably be very beneficial to your whole thing)!

Party will start 10:00 PM Eastern and possibly go well into the night because Alex, Keisuke, and I will be on Spring Break! *dances* Also might start earlier for pre-party shit. I am a very festive person.

(Though green is so not my colour)


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I'm only here on a probationary basis but I'm here all the same. *scratches head and walks off*

I'll mostly be in chatzy.

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