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Hello all and welcome to Konoha! I am Naruto Uzumaki and since every other eligible shinobi is not available, I'm your stand in Hokage. Be afraid. Though I've been stuck with Sasuke! This isn't the first time you've seen me. I was here a couple years ago with absolutely no clue but this time it's different. Most more organised and all that good stuff. And starting this time around there's going to be a couple of new features on top of the old meeting ground for the RPer's.

The newest part of the Naruto RP is going to be the allotment of Original Characters into the stream. You'll be given a template for you to fill out and send to me and below I'll be explaining what's going to be so special about this addition.

  • You can be placed into teams that'll be captained by actual characters for missions (2 Recruits, 1 Character)
  • To keep up with posting, once placed in your teams you must meet a requirement of completing at least one mission a month.
  • Every now and then there will be missions and you'll have to work with your team to meet the requirements
  • Missions will be posted the 1st of every month starting in January
  • Sasuke and I will arrange official missions while squad leaders can "pick up" assignments that are less crucial for their teams
  • Characters and OC's can go on missions that aren't part of the requirement of the RP

Recruit Template:
Weight (optional):
Bio (brief):
Unique Features (optional):
Alignment (good/bad/indifferent):
Also be sure to include a 100 by 100 avatar representing your character to be put in the recruit tab


As you've probably noticed for the past few weeks, Sasuke or I (or even Alex) haven't been here. There's a reason for that. We've decided to move our RP business elsewhere. Once upon a time theOtaku was a great place to roleplay and everyone had a great time. But as of late the site has died and membership is at an all time low. So we're onto greener pastures. The chatroom is yours to do with, you can continue posting here if you wish, but your kings have flown the coop.

This has been a long time coming, we wish you all the best.

- Naruto

The Death of the Dragon, the Birth of the Beetle

Satomi held his necklace in her hand as tears fell down her cheeks. She looked at his grave, simply marked with a stone bearing his name and little else. You were always there for me, Talos... She could distinctly remember t...

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Due to some assholes intruders in our Chatzy who neglected to speak with either of us Mods about wanting to join including some basic bitch who decided to enter the chat as me , we are adding a password to it. We will be PMing each of you members with this password. If you pass this out to people who are not in the roleplay, I will fucking kill you.

Naruto and I are so fucking pissed off.


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Hey everyone, Hanami's coming up (Cherry Blossom viewing festival), and I want to know when you guys are available. That is, if you want to attend. I was thinking next weekend or the week after. Tell me if it's better to do this during the week or on the weekend. People would like to do this sooner rather than later because 99% of us are in college and we'll be studying for finals soon enough. Try to get me your times as soon as possible.

Regardless, if you can't make the assigned date, Hanami lasts all through the month of April. You wanna do something with your significant other then that's on you.

Update: the official Hanami festival will be this Saturday, sorry for the short notice. Again, that said, you'll be able to "participate" in Hanami all throughout April if you wish or if you'll be missing the assigned date for everyone in chatzy. Anyways, have fun guys!

The end of one road, and the start of another.

-Talos- I woke up about 3 AM. My chest was burning. I got up and went and got a glass of water. "I guess my body finally reached its limit." My eye sight had already faded in my left eye. I can't believe this was happening. I ...

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