Hello everyone! This is a world dedicated to my Comic, Excel in Cipherland! Here I'll be posting things related to my Comic Book! And other things! I hope you enjoy reading Excel in Cipherland and that you also enjoy coming here! Comments and constructive critcism are always welcome!!! Have fun!

A message to the guest posters

I got featured!

I always celebrate this!

Thanks to the person in charge of choosing these!! You made my day!!

My tablet died!

Nooooooooo back to drawing with my mouse!! Any recommendations guys? I want new one noooooooooooooooowwww!


My old e-cards used to be so bad and corny XDDD I just didn't know where to start. IDEK XDDDDDDDDD

Worm cat shirt! Finally!

Hey guyz! Remember this piece I made forever ago?!
External Image

Well an awesome TheO friend posted a comment telling me it looked like something that could be on a shirt. I have a job these days so I finally turned it into a shirt!! Check it out! :D

[URL=http://s1044.photobucket.com/user/Danny_Sherman/media/worm%20cat%20shirt_zpstklgxztl.jpg.html]External Image

[URL=http://s1044.photobucket.com/user/Danny_Sherman/media/shirt_zpspex4fxir.jpg.html]External Image

Me, wearing the shirt! I was in Rhode Island this week! I had a ton of fun!

However this morning my heart was broken! I discovered the person who inspired me to make this shirt has left theO T_T and I can't remember her username. If you remember this and you're still around with a different one please let me know!!!

I discovered she left because I was going to go get her username at the comments section of my piece and I found this:

[URL=http://s1044.photobucket.com/user/Danny_Sherman/media/convo_zpsh9jh2scg.png.html]External Image

She's gone guys! GONE! T_T why ppl keep leaving theO??

TAIYAKI & ODANGO Kit Happy Kitchen Japanese Candy kit

Happy Kitchen! Happy Kitchen! Anything with the word happy must be good! And this product certainly was!!

If you wanna have some real fun pretending to cook buy this!! It's really cheap and worth it! I had so much fun! I felt such a strange kind of fulfillment and happiness! <3
XD This is where I got it from: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kracie-TAIYAKI-ODANGO-Making-Kit-Popin-Cookin-Happy-Kitchen-Japanese-Candy-kit-/111776101322?hash=item1a065ff3ca:g:kcQAAOSwG-1Wu-RR

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUY!!! And have fun! I know do it yourself candy doesn't always taste super good but this one does!

External Image

AAAAAAAAAAH why no one reading Excel in Cipherland? What went wrong? What don't you like? I will not change the story because it is what it is but I wanna know! XDDDD Or are ya'll just waiting to see if some day I finish posting the whole thing for real so you can read it in peace? XDDDD

You know I'm still not over the shock that they took our ecards away, which has inspired me to hurry up and post faster! Apparently they also took the chat room away, you know?!?!! And I'm like what if the next thing they take from us is the comics?! What will I do?! Where will I go? This has always and forever will be Excel in Cipherland's home! I will never give up! I will finish Excel in Cipherland no matter whaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! And then we'll have a big party! Hahahhaha

Now either go read E.I.C or check out the rest of my pics from the candy kiiiit :DDDDDDD or both! lol haha

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