Seraphim Adrift {A Person is Poetry}

Adrift she floats towards her greatness.
Always aware of the obstacles ahead.
But never faltering because she is fearless.
She braves places others have never tread.

Angel wings drawn on her back.
A Seraphim awaiting at the start.
She awakens freedom from her creations.
Vibrant are the pictures from her heart.

Her voice speaks with understanding.
And even when wounded she stands tall.
She remains steadfast and never demanding.
Even though sometimes even angels may fall.

Through darkness, sorrow and frustration.
Her smile and kindless ever shine through.
For she is friendship and strong motivation.
This C-chan is my dedication to you.

DEDICATED TO CAPRISHA CHAN {aka Seraphim Adrift} for always being the one of the best friends for me to turn too. And keeping the faith in me when I've been scarce and anti-social. For pushing me to do better. For believing that I am at the best of my abilities. I love and respect you for all that you've done and will do for me. And I promise to always try and return the favor. Thank you.