Purification {A Poem of Love}

This poem is based off of the movie versions of Vivian and Adian and the passion they felt toward each other.

Combine blood and chocolate.
It is time.
I love you, love me.
Leave the past behind.
I’ll make you mine.

The pyre has been built.
Set fire to the wind.
Purification of our hearts.
Sears our souls within.
Now we can begin.

Mix faith and power.
Let the night hold sway.
Give to me, I’ll give to you.
Let actions my thoughts covey.
Don’t let my confession be in vain.

Twist pain and pleasure.
And take all of my trust.
Let me take you, you take me.
And drown us in our lust.
Just leave us.

You and me.
The height of elevation.
I want, you need.
Give up the depravation.
Give way to the two of us.
This is our purification.