The Real Boogieman

The boogieman never died did he, because we still see him there.
He comes to the little girl in the form of a fanged beast.
There is no happy ending for her when she wakes to find her soul was stolen.
He comes to the teenager, who never agrees, who is scary to everyone.
But not enough to scare him away, not even the spiky jewelry and black makeup.
He goes into her mind and makes her hear all the things they say about her.
He bears the thoughts that would her, kill her. The demons living within.
And he's still seen by the adult, who say he doesn't exist.
He's the back alley you walk because you are not afraid of monsters.
Where you are shoved into the dirt and feel his hands make everything molested.
Left unconcious in the black path of his world and you can't cry for help.
The boogieman invades everyone, he makes the world his marionette.
Becomes the evil policeman who doesn't believe a word the victim says.
Or the children who poke fun and the people who are different from themselves.
It is not until after they realize that the boogieman still exists.
And he cannot die. Will never die.
You cannot kill the boogieman. He resides everywhere.
He can posses anyone at any given point in time, just to suit his own pleasure.
And he can live anywhere, including inside of you.