Chapter 22

“ Dude~” I turned my head and looked at Vladimir in annoyance “Seriously shut the crap up Vladimir” I said as I held the drink in my hand. “I heard that kyo is gonna be a detective” he said looking at me more drunk than I had seen him.
“And your point?” I said glancing at him from the corner of my eyes “it’s obvious the good guy is gonna get the pretty girl while we stay single all of our lifes” He said his face expresion changed from his usual happy go lucky one to a more serious and cold one. “Don’t you like her” he said looking at me.
I coulnt answer that question,the kiss it was dared but some how I felt something. “Eh, she is with kyo I could give a crap who she is with”
I raise my hand and waved him off as I walked outside, just in time to see her