Chapter 20

~* Arata *~

"I truly dont see what she sees in that kyo guy,He look like a stuck up brat" Takashi said, "And look who's talking" i said glancing at him from the corner of my eyes, "Just because i come from a wealthy family doesn't mean am stuck up like that kid" he fumed. "But you use your money to get girls in your dorm" vladmier said as he blew out the smoke of the cigarette.

"So?" Takashi said "That's just sick" i said i heard him laugh "look who's talking, you do the same and don't play innocent with us" he said.

"Bring them to the room is one thing,So something else with them is another i have learned better than that" i answered. "Wait let me guess your Dead brother, look we all know your not as innocent as you appear to be Arata" i stood up "So when are you gonna tell him" i looked over at seiji "He does't need to know what we are doing. i said i looked at vladmier and he nodded "You know were we will be at"
"Sure,sure if noboru askes for me tell him i am running a little errand"


"This is boring tell me again why i agreed to this?" i answered looking at the man beside me, he glanced at me and laughed "You didn't agree to anything remember?" he said smiling, and looked out the werehouse"

"gde, chert voz╩╣mi, oni?!!!" we both turned to see vladmier coming our way his gun positioned over his shoulder. "Da i thought you said were gonna be here hideki san!" vladmier shouted and cursing once again in his language.

"They were supposed to be here one hour ago" hideki said

"did you call takashi? i said looking at vladmier he nodded his on the east side of the building da"

"Call him again and tell him to retreat, we are-" he stopped when shots were fired, i smirked "They heard you hideki" i said standing up" and walked over to the middle were i raised my hand's.
"Were is he?" one of the man shouted as he got out the car

"first were is our men"
He turned around and a a men took out a guy out of the car.
"You should tell you buddie to step in his own territory"

"Sure, and do say the tell the same to your girls" i smiled he growled as i walked back to the werehouse, "Thanks Arata-san" he said"
"Dont mention it" i looked up to see hideki, he nodded and shots were fired as soon as we got in the door was locked and a big bang was heard.

Vladmier came in a well as takashi, "Well if you ask me this job suits you better arata" Hideki said "i dont see why you have to go there"

"If i dont people will be suspicious,and that's just my second life" i smiled
as i removed the back coat and headed out with vladmier and takashi.