chapter 19

"I thought you were with your boyfriend," Arata said, making me look up from where I was going. Good thing I had decided to take my time getting back. Now would be my chance!

"Kyo is just a friend," I replied, tired of having to explain that to people every single time.

"Well, for a friend, he sure is pretty jealous," he said, leaning back on the wall.

"At least he is a good friend," I snapped back. Kyo was just protective of me. He liked me, sure. But, even if he didn't have that kind of love, he would still have my back.

He looked at me, "Hey! They might not be the best guys you can find, but when I was at my lowest, they were there! Especially Vladmier and Seiji," he huffed, trying to calm himself down. He stood up, ready to leave, but I stopped him.

"Wait, I need to ask you something," I said.

Arata looked at me, confused, "Look I don't feel like talking, and your little kyo might be waiting for you."

"Remember when we first met?" I asked, getting impatient with his impoliteness. He was the one that had been foul to me, not the other way around. I had never wronged him. With the way he was acting, I kind of wanted to reach out and slap him.

He nodded, "yeah, but I thought you didn't remember me, and where are you going with this?" he asked.

"What was I doing," I asked, crossing my fingers. Here it was, the moment I'd find out something about my past.

"I don't know you wouldn't talk to me; you were in your own little world," Arata replied as he looked passed me. I turned to see whom he was looking at, and saw Kyo coming our way. Arata looked back at me, his phone started ringing. "Whatever you are trying to solve with your little police guy good luck," he said as he opened the door, "but you did look pretty cute," he added before disappearing beyond the door.

Ugh, like I wanted to be flirted with right now. Not by him. I had gotten no where with that lead, and now I was more confused than ever. Sighing, I turned and nearly ran into Kyo.

"Wow, what's up?" he asked. "I saw you talking to Arata. Did he do something to you again?"

I shook my head. "Don't worry, he only called me cute," I teased, knowing it was going to ruffle his feathers. "He knew me from a few years ago, and I wanted to ask him about it. See what he knew about me."

"Well," Kyo looked at me expectantly.

"He didn't know anything. Nothing that could help us," I said. "I feel like everytime I find a lead, I get shoved back down." I sighed as Kyo put his arm around my shoulders. I wanted to push him, tell him I didn't want people to keep thinking we were dating, but I was tired.

"Want to ditch the movie or go watch it?" he asked.

"Let's go finish it. Might as well," I shrugged and we walked into the theater and found our seats.