This is a story of love and tragedy. The Hollows follows the trials of a young demon hunter woman and a very special high school boy.

Lapaperninja and myself have put a lot of work into this story, and we hope that you will enjoy reading it. We encourage comments, as it lets us know that you all like it.

Chapter 17

I got up the next morning bright and early as usual. Though, I was a bit tired still from the night before. I hadn't gotten to bed until after two, and then I had tossed and turned the whole night thinking about that kiss Arata had given me. Did h...

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chapter 16

"And what makes you think am gonna fall in love? i said looking at takashi who smirked, "Dude everyone does, even professor Titov" seiji said as he blew the smoke of the cigarette. "Da" vladmeir said "Trust me,am not interested i...

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Chapter 15

Arata and I stared at each other for a few moments before he looked away, over his shoulder at Vlad and the other guys who were all screwing around. I sighed, wondering how Arata got involved with them. They didn’t seem like the greatest inf...

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Chapter 14

I stared at Aaralyn and smiled,I wasn't sure how I was gonna do it,I glanced back to see Vlad laughing and pointing while seiji was muttering to Takashi who just laughed. 'Stupid idiots don't think I can do it' I thought I looked back at A...

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Chapter 13

"Come on, please go with me!" Kyo begged, pleading with me using his puppy dog look that he knew I could never say no to. "It'll be fun! I promise! If you don't have fun, we can leave." He put his hands together in a praying-like motion. I ...

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