First off, you should go visit my girlfriend Ai's world. She's the sweetest, cutest, most adorable girl EVAR. I will assassinate those who dare oppose me!! I'm NOBLE, the one who constantly updates rants about shizz, basically all the time! This is my world, my HOME. I am letting all of you into my HOME so be flucking careful with my shizz! ):<

Ok, so now that I'm done being a freaking moron, huhuh, I'll begin. :B So I'm going to be updating stuff on here whenever I feel like it, and maybe people will just care enough to stop by. If you stop by.. I DEMAND THAT YOU COMMENT! I hate seeing when people visit the worlds and they don't comment.
(Seriously. I will go coockoo-ca-choo-on-you. You don't want that.)
I'm a pretty decent guy I think. Some people might not really like me, I'm someone who LOVES to talk and I will talk about ANYTHING, if there isn't anything to talk about then I will COMPLAIN and if there isn't something to stop me from complaining I will get ANGRY at being BORED and will FLIP OUT. :B I have my up and down days, I'm pretty annoying after a while, and I like to cuss and be violent. j/k, I am the BEST EVER. Seriously, I'm so badass.. It's insane.

Do whatever you like here, just make sure you comment, I love comments. When you comment, comment about the post, not just random things, that's what Messaging is for!! If you don't follow those rules then I will hunt you the fluck down. Say what you want to say, I don't care what it is. Speak your mind I won't censor you or anything. You got something to say to me than just flucking say it! lmfao. later


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~Noble, BiAtch ;P

For Ai

Happy Valentine's Day <3


I don't think I'll be on for a few days. A friend of mine just died today, so yeah just a heads-up

Well e_O

I turned in an assignment a couple of days ago and logged on to see what I got as a grade on it. I did pretty good! But the thing is that I got some points taken away, and checked out the teacher's comment about it on the bottom. It say that I got some points subtracted because I didn't use my own words to write the project. D: The thing is that I DID use my own words, huhuh.. So, I'm guessing that the teacher must thing I'm illiterate, or stupid or something. =__=' Sure, when I'm writing and talking all casual like, I'm gunna be loose, but I know when I gotta get my game on. I think I'll have to explain to her that I really do know all them big words I used. Dang.
Ooh. Or maybe I could pretend that I is all backwards redneck like and dont know no good writing stuffs :B huhuh

German cake tastes funny

I have MISSED you people so flucking MUCH! Q__Q Especially my bunny-boo.. *Sob* My sister took the computer when she moved out of the house, so my parents didn't really see the need to keep paying for internet.. THEN I GOT KICKED OUT. Actually, it was probably time for me to get off my lazy arse and get a job and my own apartment, huhuh.. I had to get the job first, so I did that.. and then look for a place that was even REMOTELY affordable. D; Shizz is so flucking expensive.. I'm one of those super poor college kids that are worked to death, I swear. =__= I can still stay over with my parents if I need help and everything, same with Honor and Angel, they can go and leave whenever, huhuh.. My place is still pretty empty :| If I had to pay full-tuition for college, then I'd be living on the streets though. I'm at someone's house right now, and they have *INTERNET* and I love him for it. I had a pretty good Christmas with the family, how about all of y'all peeps? WHAT DID YOU ALL DO WHILE I WAS GONE?! D;

Same as always, COMMENT. <3 Love~


I'm kinda bored right now, huhuh.. Haven't updated in forever, so I should probably do that, right? I'm kind of hungry right now. Trying to decide if I'm more tired or hungry. D: CAN'T. DECIDE.
But anyway, Ai, you're adorable. :P Like a cute bunny