Hey, Clouds and Tifas! If you love Final Fantasy as much as I do, (But not more, no. That's simply impossible.) then you'll wanna be a part of my fan club! To join, just answer the following question in a PM so no-one else can see your answer!

What is the name of the FF? (This feature is to ensure that no-one can search the answer on the Internet.) sky pirate and what is the name of his airship with a German name?

If you can tell me the name of the Final Fantasy this question was based on, you win a mystery gift for your Portfolio.
If you can tell me the name of the airship in English, you win a fan art dedicated to you of your choice.
If you can tell me both, you win both!

The FFs I have

Hey, Tiduses and Yunas! These are the FFs I own:

PS1: FF7*
PS2: FF10, FF10-2** and FF12

* - Do not own anymore
** - Have not played yet

Please note that I have not completed any of them. Anyway, I have put this information here so that everyone knows what we shall be discussing.

P.S. If you answer the question in question in the introduction correctly as well as the two others, you have a chance of creating a new FF. Answer these, then you capable of doing so IF... you answer one more... then, we can discuss ideas via PM for the latest and greatest FF. We shall create the characters, and (Nosebleed) the storyline. (Strenuous...) We'll then email it to Square Enix!

Now, the question!

In FF?, (This feature has been used again for the same reason as before.) who is the young man who takes the role as President Shinra after his father dies?

Clue: He owns a panther, and is extremely cool.

Please send me your answer via PM.

Fun Fact: Square Enix was formerly Squaresoft, but after FF10 was created, a company called Enix developed it into Square Enix, thus supposedly inspiring them to create their first ever sequel, FF10-2. God, I'm like Maechen, what with all my sagey knowledge. Or maybe not, who knows. And that, as they say, is that.