otherwise known as pastelstowhite

she dreams of vivid skies and a blue, blue star
tries to grasp it with wide open palms
looks behind her and sees nothing
just a whirlwind of colours and feathers that caress her skin
(she sees a wingless girl who can't fly nor touch the sky)
so she closes her eyes, smiles and stands up
I'll get there somehow, watch me, I'll have the most beautiful wings above them all.

What: Icons/Avatars, Fics, Banners, Rants.
When: The times where I'm not too busy or too lazy to post. :)
Where: Heereee of course. But can also be found here.
How: If my muse starts to work again. Or if someone kindly requests.
Who: Ya'know, that weird person who always posts those pairing/couple wallpapers. And often with a sprinkling of angst. Yeah, that basically sums up who's who.

BTW, if my thy username confuses you. It's fee-lee-ya. Just add twenty-eight. Ta-ta! :)))

funny how a comic can make you bawl

NARUTO 503. Dear God, just 503.

I'm bawling like a baby and I can't help it. Watching Minato and Kushina like that just strikes the heartstrings sooo badly.

*goes of to sulk in a corner*

moar icons, RAWR

And then my muse came back, they lived happily ever after, the end. :)

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Obsessions over time

I've been browsing over my graphics folders and found my old avatars. Since I liked all of them and had been obsessed over these fandoms/characters/pairings for a while, I decided to post them here. Maybe to remember the good 'ol times when ulquihime was still my OTP? Haha. :P

External Image External Image External Image External Image External Image

And as of new obsessions! Dun, dun, dun. Okita/Kagura and Shizuo/Izaya (the few BL ships that I like alongside Gintoki/Hijikata and Naruto/Sasuke).

External Image External Image

And yes, I will post another sappy wallpaper involving either of these two ships. :P

Another Icon post :)

Royai, FF13, 500 days of summer.

Icon making is addicting, I warn all of you.

Though, I'm still a total noob. Give me a break orz. XD

You can take one as an avvy, if you like, any of you--? oh, okay.. ://

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Icons post

I've been really neglecting my account here at theO, so yeah...guilty as charged.

My wallpaper making inspiration has left me now for a while and I reaaallllyyy want it to come back, like, RIGHT NOW. But...unfortunately, no hopes. Then I tried to get rid of my block by making icons (and I think its working...sort of)!

So why not share my works here and maybe if you have an LJ, why not message me or friend me while we're at it?

The icons are this way @ my journal. But I'm still new over there, so don't get those expectations too high. :P

Peace out!