The Otaku website has become quite well known for it's members with emo issues. We have the ever-going "emo corner" and the complimented "I'm feeling emo." With this, we can conclude that the Otaku has gone emo. Therefore I vote for a name change of The Otaku, to EmOtaku.

We see the emo on the Otaku everyday. Members complain about their family, friends, relationships. Who am I to complain though? I've done the same thing. Still our "EmOtakus" share their pain with us. It is only fair that we listen and try to console them. This is how I am, though.

I realize that it is not a reasonable request to call the site EmOtaku. However, I do feel that our emo members deserve the new title. The EmOtakus will reign on. Now, the question crossing your mind now may be: Am I an EmOtaku?

I will now try to explain to you what an EmOtaku is/does.

An EmOtaku will come into the room and the first things that they type, ignoring all the Hellos, is "I hate my life," which may be followed by some type of sad smiley face. For example...

MandaNoel07 enters room.

HeartKruez: Hey

Savitar: Ello Disciple lmao

MandaNoel07: I hate my life

» ;_;

Another way to identify an EmOtaku is when they say they have "Died" several times within a short period of time. An example...

Kittens 3: I talked to *mumble* today! YAY!!

Delitor: who is *muble/


MandaNoel07: I didn't talk to anyone...

» ;_;

Kittens 3 hugs Manda.

MandaNoel07 hugs back and dies.

Other signs of an EmOtaku may include, but not limited to, a member "cutting," "punching," and/or "screaming" at themselves. There are many identifiers of the EmOtakus. However, it is best when confronted with one to keep a safe distance, and try to calm them down.

Things such as this occur very often on the Otaku. I have used myself as the example of the EmOtaku in each scenario. As you can tell the face ";_;" is an almost trademark EmOtaku expression. Though it is not limited to the EmOtakus. It is time we saw this as what it really is. The emos have taken over the Otaku. Now we must find ourselves asking an important question: Am I an EmOtaku?