Hello! Are you an EmOtaku? Do you think you're an EmOtaku? Do you have a friend who is an EmOtaku? Well, I have good news for you. Introducing: EmOtaku Help Desk.

In this world we will describe what an EmOtaku is, how to identify an EmOtaku, and how to deal with them.

We are here to help. So, if you have any questions concerning EmOtaku or about your own EmOtaku issues, feel free to PM me. I will answer swiftly and honestly.


EmOtaku Answers

VolcanicWolf says:

Lol, wow, I said yes to like...let's see... 6 of these questions what would that mean?
~realizes she may not get a reply but still asks~

EmOtaku Help Desk Reply:

The questions are guidelines, not strict rules or regulations. They are general. Each person is different. Simply because you answered yes to six of the questions does not mean that you are an EmOtaku. After all, most of you are growing. It is normal in the age of growth to experience emotional distraught. I answer yes to most of the questions as well, but it does not make me EmOtaku. It is more about how you accept these things, rather than that you experience these things. Everyone experiences them eventually. I hope that helps.

Also, all questions such as this will be answered, because if you are thinking it, most likely someone else is. Therefore, the question and answer will be posted within the EmOtaku Help Desk for all readers to reference. However, as I have with VolcanicWolf, I will message the questioner and request permission to use their name/question.

On another note, if the question you ask is more personal, and would not like for it to be public, please PM me, and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Am I an EmOtaku?

In the last post in the EmOtaku Help Desk we covered what an EmOtaku was, and how to pinpoint one. In this post, we shall discuss how to know if you are an EmOtaku.

Since the first EmOtaku post, readers have continually questioned me asking: "Am I an EmOtaku?" It is clear from this that an EmOtaku is not clearly defined. Therefore it is my job to allow you, the readers, to identify if you are an EmOtaku.

EmOtaku is derived from the two words Emo and Otaku. To understand what an EmOtaku is, we will therefore have to understand the meaning of these two words.

In history emo, short for emotional, was a style of rock music typically characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive, often confessional lyrics. It originated in the mid-1980s hardcore punk movement of Washington, D.C., where it was known as "emotional hardcore" or "emocore" and pioneered by bands such as Rites of Spring and Embrace.

There is, however, a more modern, and somewhat stereotypical, description of what emo is. Emo is now a very negative term. It is often used to describe someone that is usually very depressed and may or not physically harm themselves to take their mind off of depression(this is not a typical emo thing). Emo people often think about trying to commit suicide. In my experience, most "modern emos" are fascinated with death. I realize that this definition of emo seems stereotypical, however, this is the modern idea of what emo is, and it is this form of Emo that I wish to address.

The final term that we will need to understand is, otaku. This term is easily defined. Otaku is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests; often in anime, manga, and video games. For example, if you an obbcession with anime, you could be considered an anime Otaku. However, the meaning of Otaku to which I am reffering to is any member of the Otaku site.

Now that we know what the two terms mean, it is time to put them together. An EmOtaku is an Otaku member who is emo, or likes emo, and likes anime and/or manga. Fairly simple.

Now that we know what an EmOtaku is, it is time to discover if you are one. The following questions can be used as a guideline.

Do you have issues finding something to smile about?

Are you often moody without reason?

Do you feel that other members misunderstand you?

Do you feel depressed more often than not?

Do you often sign into theOtaku and say you hate yourself?

Do you hate yourself?

Do you feel unloved and lonely to an irrational state?

Do you think of hurting yourself?

Do you "kill" yourself on the Otaku more often than others?

Do your Otaku friends say you are Emo?

By asking yourself these simple questions, you can decide for yourself if you are an EmOtaku or not. However, if you answered yes to more than half of these questions it is pretty obvious that you are an EmOtaku. The question left on everyone's mind now is: How do you deal with an EmOtaku?

Some of these gudelines can also be considered serious signs of depression. If you are experiencing any thoughts of suicide or potentially harming yourself, it is my suggestion that you seek medical help. This article is merely meant as a guide to discovering if you are, in fact, an EmOtaku, and can not be a proper diagnosis of depression


The Otaku website has become quite well known for it's members with emo issues. We have the ever-going "emo corner" and the complimented "I'm feeling emo." With this, we can conclude that the Otaku has gone emo. Therefore I vote for a name change of The Otaku, to EmOtaku.

We see the emo on the Otaku everyday. Members complain about their family, friends, relationships. Who am I to complain though? I've done the same thing. Still our "EmOtakus" share their pain with us. It is only fair that we listen and try to console them. This is how I am, though.

I realize that it is not a reasonable request to call the site EmOtaku. However, I do feel that our emo members deserve the new title. The EmOtakus will reign on. Now, the question crossing your mind now may be: Am I an EmOtaku?

I will now try to explain to you what an EmOtaku is/does.

An EmOtaku will come into the room and the first things that they type, ignoring all the Hellos, is "I hate my life," which may be followed by some type of sad smiley face. For example...

MandaNoel07 enters room.

HeartKruez: Hey

Savitar: Ello Disciple lmao

MandaNoel07: I hate my life

» ;_;

Another way to identify an EmOtaku is when they say they have "Died" several times within a short period of time. An example...

Kittens 3: I talked to *mumble* today! YAY!!

Delitor: who is *muble/


MandaNoel07: I didn't talk to anyone...

» ;_;

Kittens 3 hugs Manda.

MandaNoel07 hugs back and dies.

Other signs of an EmOtaku may include, but not limited to, a member "cutting," "punching," and/or "screaming" at themselves. There are many identifiers of the EmOtakus. However, it is best when confronted with one to keep a safe distance, and try to calm them down.

Things such as this occur very often on the Otaku. I have used myself as the example of the EmOtaku in each scenario. As you can tell the face ";_;" is an almost trademark EmOtaku expression. Though it is not limited to the EmOtakus. It is time we saw this as what it really is. The emos have taken over the Otaku. Now we must find ourselves asking an important question: Am I an EmOtaku?