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Some quotes from the main cast:

" As appealing as that sounds, I think I'll pass... " - Dante, Devil May Cry 4

" Is that what you think? Foolish girl... " - Vergil, Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

" Don't cha think that's a little harsh? Killing me cause of the way I t-t-t-t-Talk? " - Nero, Devil May Cry 4

" I dress to impress " - Trish as Gloria, Devil May Cry 4

" Mary died a long time ago... My name, is Lady " - Lady, Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

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Dante is the main character in the Devil May Cry series and a demon/human hybrid. He is the son of Sparda and Eva, as well as the twin brother of Vergil. His name comes from Dante Alighieri, who was a Florentine poet of the Middle Ages.

Like his father and brother, Dante has white hair which remains in a fairly consistent style throughout his appearances, although there are a few minor changes. In Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 4, his hair is somewhat parted with his bangs brushed down, in Devil May Cry 3, his hair is simply brushed down, and in Devil may Cry 2; his hair is parted with his bangs in front of his right eye. Dante's most recurring design trait is his affinity for red-colored apparel, usually in the form of a long, two tailed coat. The character wears red because in Japan it is a traditional color for a heroic figure. The first coat chronically had zippers on the sleeves and a buckle around the waist. After Dante's first battle against Vergil, the right sleeve is damaged and is promptly torn off. In the first game and anime, the coat seems to be fairly plain with an upturned collar and short sleeves with black cuffs though the coat lacks coattails. In the fourth game, the coat is given a much more detailed, oriental and stylish look. By the second game, the coat has changed dramatically with a more pronounced buckled collar and a black chestplate of sorts.

In the original Devil May Cry, Dante is hired by Trish, a mysterious woman who looks similar to his deceased mother, to stop the return of the demon king Mundus. However, she is actually setting up events for Mundus' agents to kill Dante as he makes his way to Mundus himself. During the course of the game Dante is also reunited with his brother Vergil, who, under the control of Mundus, attempts to kill him. Trish eventually betrays Mundus to save Dante, and the pair work together to lock Mundus in the demon world. Afterwards, they become partners in Dante's demon slaying business, now re-named "Devil Never Cry".

After the success of the first game, Capcom immediately began development of its sequel, Devil May Cry 2. Hideki Kamiya, who directed the first game, was not involved in the sequel's development and the new creative team took a different direction. Dante's character was changed so that he spoke little, and his cocky attitude was largely absent. He also had a habit of flipping a coin to make his decisions.

Set some time after the first game, Devil May Cry 2 focuses on aiding the character Lucia in defeating Arius, an international businessman who uses demonic power and seeks to conquer the world. At the end of the game, Dante must go into the demon world to stop a major demon from escaping, but the gate closes behind him and he is trapped. With no way back to the human world, Dante heads even deeper into the demon world on his motorcycle. There is an extra scene after the credits, in which Lucia is sitting in Dante's office when she hears a motorcycle outside and rushes out to see who it is.

The third game, Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, serves as a prequel to the first game and features a younger and cockier Dante. While developed by the same team that did the second game, Devil May Cry 3 was much better received than the previous installment for staying true to the original. He has considerably more dialog during cutscenes, and players can verbally taunt monsters during gameplay. In the story, Dante is drawn out by his twin brother Vergil, who is attempting to reopen the portal to the demon world in order to obtain the full power of Sparda, which remains on the other side contained within the sword Force Edge. Along the way, Dante encounters Lady, who is in pursuit of her father Arkham, who is working with Vergil but has plans of his own. In the end, Dante claims ownership of the Force Edge, while Vergil chooses to remain in the demon world. Dante matures considerably during the game and, inspired by Lady's courage and commitment to her own family, continues his demon hunting business with a greater sense of purpose. They become partners, and he decides to call his shop "Devil May Cry", after something Lady had said to comfort him.

In Devil May Cry 4, Dante appears to be the antagonist, crashing in to a prayer group and shooting Sanctus, the Head of the Order of the Sword. After a brief fight with Nero, DMC4's new lead, Dante shows Nero that his fellow swordsmen, who Dante slew earlier, were demons. Dante then leaves Nero with a cryptic message, saying he will come to know the meaning of the demons. Nero later finds Dante again, and after fighting again, learns that Dante is after his brother's and Father's swords, in which the Order had taken (Sparda was given to the Order by "Gloria", who was Trish in disguise.).

Originally Dante was incredibly flippant, mouthing off to the most powerful of demons, and generally enjoyed rubbing people the wrong way. He does mature somewhat as time goes by, but never really loses the attitude. Dante is also seemingly unflappable, never seeming to be outwardly fazed by anything, whether he's being attacked by Hells in his office or a giant serpent demon closing it's jaws on him from behind.

Dante can seem at times to be uncaring, or even callous. However, he actually has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and prefers to fight fair. He can be counted on to do the right thing, even if he is making quips the entire time.

Unusually, while he seems to have a few issues with his own demonic side, Dante has no qualms about accepting demons who seem to be good, like Trish or Brad. During the anime, despite asking for money, he generally enjoys the task of performing missions from the good of his heart and helping those in need despite debt.

Dante possesses power that surpasses that of most demons; he has enough physical strength to punch through stone with little difficulty, and often overpowers demons much larger than himself. Dante is extremely agile, able to jump to great heights, or even to balance on a flying rocket. Furthermore, he is able to channel his power into various physical objects, ranging from his guns to the air itself. He is also able to gain an immediate mastery of any weapon he picks up. This may be due to a demonic trait that allows him to do so, or possibly due to previous and extensive weapons training.

Dante states that he cannot and will not kill any humans, but also explains that "humans are often worse than demons" in the Devil May Cry anime.

Dante can seemingly instantly heal from or endure any wound; even the Hell Prides were surprised when he virtually ignored their attack on him at the beginning of Devil May Cry 3. However, this ability can eventually be worn down.

Thanks to his half-demon nature, Dante can release his demon self through his Devil Trigger. The appearance of this form varies throughout the games — in Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 3, the form is influenced by which Devil Arm he carries, while in Devil May Cry 2[1] and Devil May Cry 4[2] he has a pair of devil forms believed to be his "true" Devil form. These forms boost his various abilities, and sometimes grant him new ones.

In Devil May Cry 4, it is implied that Dante's strength is not due to his father, but from his will to protect others. After Dante defeats Agnus, Dante tells him that the reason he's inferior is because he surrendered his humanity. It is further suggested that any demon who possesses the will to protect/love others rather than to destroy and conquer will gain the full extent of their demonic power (though Dante, Vergil and Nero may simply be the exceptions to this because they have human souls, as well as demonic essences).

Dante's trademark weapons are the Rebellion, Sparda (Force Edge), and Ebony & Ivory. He also uses a shotgun in each game, though it is a different one each time.

He frequently collects other Fire Arms and Devil Arms throughout the course of each game, but he usually stores these in his office between games.

After his father's death/disappearance, Dante and his family were attacked by demons. Vergil disappeared and his mother was killed. Surviving, Dante would spend the time between this event and the manga learning to control his powers and meeting Enzo, eventually starting a shop. During this time, he went by the alias Anthony "Tony" Redgrave.

Random Facts

Dante is a big fan of pizza and strawberry sundaes. Apparently in the manga (Code 1: "Dante") he was extremely drunk when proposing to a mop. Dante mentions that he dislikes olives, ironically he usually get olives on his pizza after asking for them to be excluded. Dante has extremely bad luck, losing in any form of gambling that has nothing to do with devil slaying. The anime mentions that Dante is horribly in debt, owing Lady a large amount of money as well as paying the city for any property damages he causes while devil slaying, according to him, this is because people usually leave him a bill rather than pay him. Interestingly, Dante is impaled by his own sword in every installment (excluding DMC 2) by an opponent. In DMC, Trish pins him to the floor with the Force Edge. In DMC3, Vergil stabs him with the Rebellion. In the anime, Sid impales him through the heart on a cross. In DMC4, after hurling Dante into the Sparda statue, Nero spears him with the Rebellion. Dante's seiyu in the anime, Toshiyuki Morikawa, also voiced Ryu in the Street Fighter series.
Additionally, Dante's English voice actor, Reuben Langdon, also voices Ken in Street Fighter IV, another Capcom character who also predominantly wears red, and motion captures Chris Redfield and voices Curtis Miller, both characters in Capcom's Resident Evil series. Dante appears to have experience with instruments, seemingly those associated with rock bands such as his demonstration with the Devil Arm guitar Nevan as well as having a drum set and a guitar in his office in DMC3 His hairstyle in Devil May Cry 2 is somewhat similar to Leon S. Kennedy's hairstyle in Capcom's Resident Evil 4

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(( Above )) Dante's Devil Trigger, DMC 4


Vergil is the older of the twin sons of Sparda and Eva, and unlike Dante he embraces his demonic heritage and despises his human heritage. His personality is a complete opposite to Dante's; whereas Dante is hot-headed and sarcastic, Vergil is cold blooded and sardonic. He has a lust for power and is willing to disregard anything to obtain the power of his father, Sparda. He uses Yamato, a keepsake from his father, and possesses a sense of style which rivals Dante's.

As a playable character in Devil May Cry 3, Vergil has access to Devil Trigger, Dark Slayer Style, Yamato, Beowulf, Force Edge, and Summoned Swords throughout the game.

For the most part, Vergil looks identical to Dante in hair and facial features. In DMC3 however, Vergil had his hair swept back instead of brushed down like Dante, presumably to resemble his father and to distinguish himself from his brother. As for clothing, Vergil predominately wore shades of blue as opposed to Dante's red. What is interesting is that Sparda himself seemingly wore purple as his trademark color and his sons, Dante and Vergil wore red and blue respectively; the two colors combining to create purple. He previously wore a blue long coat with three tails and a snake like pattern on the right side of the jacket. When he was transformed into Nelo Angelo, he wore heavy armor that pulsed colors according to his vitality. The armor included a humanoid helmet with horns protruding from the sides and a cape. In his final confrontation against Dante, he removed his helmet to reveal a sickly white skin tone with blue veins and red eyes with his hair still swept back. Nelo Angelo's armor gained a slight redesign in Devil May Cry 3 which excluded the pulsing effect altogether.

Vergil's personality is almost the complete opposite of Dante's personality. Even though they are twin brothers, Vergil is calm, cool, and collected.[1] In Devil May Cry 3, Vergil is shown to have a fondness for reading books. He is quiet and prefers swords over guns, since he considers fire arms weapons unworthy of a "true warrior".[2]His quietness is not due to a lack of self confidence however; indeed, he never shows fear over anything. In Devil May Cry, he was corrupted by Mundus which turned him into Nelo Angelo. It would also appear that Dante and Vergil were close at one time during childhood. After the boss fight with Arkham in Devil May Cry 3, Dante and Vergil finish him by each firing one of Dante's guns, simultaneously saying a catchphrase, "Jackpot", after Dante asks his brother, "Remember what we used to say?".

Unlike Dante, Vergil is willing to embrace his demonic heritage, and seeks to emulate his father's power and cold persona. While Dante seeks to protect humanity from the demons, Vergil wants more demonic power, regardless of the consequences to those around him. Despite his normal personality of cold dismissal, he does cherish two things: the Devil-blade Yamato, a dark O-Katana left to him as a keepsake by his father and his own half of the Perfect Amulet. In Devil May Cry 3, Vergil seems to reveal some of his feelings by claiming to Dante "Might controls everything, and without strength you cannot protect anything, let alone yourself.". This may be a reference to their mother's death. It may also imply that Vergil seeks power as compensation for failing to protect her.

As Nelo Angelo, Vergil lacks speech (Although in DMC3SE in his Nelo Angelo form, one of his taunts has him say "Come on" in a dark and menacing voice) and is pained when forced to remember Dante and their family. An example would be when he glimpses Dante's half of the Perfect Amulet, seemingly indicating that he is possessed by Mundus to some degree.

Like Dante, Vergil possesses superhuman strength, agility, and stamina, as well as the ability to invoke his Devil Trigger. Due to his greater knowledge and experience with his demonic powers, he is able to use a more advanced teleport. As he does not consider firearms true weapons, he manifests Summoned Swords to use as long-range weapons. After being corrupted by Mundus, Vergil, now known as Nelo Angelo, receives new enhancements to his powers, though his techniques seemingly lose variety.

As for melee, Vergil utilizes a real-life sword style with the Yamato known as Iaido, which involves attacks with both the sword and sheath. As of DMC3 still, Vergil is shown to be the most competent with wielding Yamato, striking so fast that the opponent does not realize they have been slain until he sheathes his weapon. His swordsmanship is noted to exceed that of Dante's.

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(( Above )) Vergil In His Devil Trigger State


-whispers to all- >.> If You Don't Know This Already, Nero's Voice Is That Of Ichigo Kurosaki From Bleach, Johnny Yong Bosch...

Nero is the main character of the fourth installment of the Devil May Cry franchise. Little about him is known, but apparently, he was raised in the city of Fortuna as an orphan and taken in by Kyrie and Credo since childhood and grew into young adulthood together[1][2]. Nero's actual origin still remains unknown but Sanctus makes multiple references to Nero being "a descendant with Sparda's blood"[3]. Nero is a sardonic character and doesn't like to be messed with. He wields the Blue Rose, Red Queen, and Devil Bringer. Nero is a Holy Knight in the Order of the Sword, a religious order that worships Sparda and fights to protect the world from demons. He performs "special jobs" for the Order. Nero's rebellious nature leads to the Order making him to work alone. Nero actually prefers to act as a lone wolf[4]. Kyrie is the childhood friend of Nero as well as a singer during the Order's ceremonies. He and Kyrie both fall in love some point prior to the beginning of the game. This love plays a major part during the events of Devil May Cry 4.

At the game's beginning, Nero manages to barely make it to one of Kyrie's performances on time after dealing with a group of demons. He leaves her a gift and then prepares to leave, having grown tired of listening to Sanctus's preaching. Just before he can though, Dante bursts in through the ceiling during a prayer and proceeds to kill Sanctus, the leader of the Order. Credo, head of the Order's knights, and brother of Kyrie, along with a battalion of knights confront Dante, but are completely outmatched. Nero manages to step in just in time, sporting his iconic two-legged kick into Dante's face, just before the Devil Hunter can approach Kyrie and Credo. The two fight, and again, Dante comes out on top, shrugging off everything Nero throws at him. He comments that they're the same, and points out to Nero that the knights Dante had slain were in fact demons. Confused, Nero watches as Dante flees the scene and so starts his quest to seek him out.

Shortly after Dante flees, Nero is given his sword (Red Queen) by Kyrie as Credo's request. The three leave the arena, only to discover the city's citizens being attacked by demons. While Kyrie and Credo lead the survivors back to headquarters, Nero fights off the remaining demons. While heading to Fortune Castle, where witnesses reported to Credo, Dante had fled to. After leaving Fortuna, Nero fights Berial, a large demon and ruler of the fire hell.

After defeating Berial, Nero makes his way to Fortuna Castle where he meets Gloria, a new member of the Order. While in Fortuna Castle he fights Bael, a large toad demon, who's specialty is ice. Nero also meets Agnus, the Order's Chief Alchemist in the castle basement. Agnus reveals that he created the hell gates and also is harboring demonic esscence to transform humans into angels in what is called the Ascension ceremony, although they are actually becoming demonic with angelic appearances. Agnus also reveals that using this power, Sanctus wants to rule the world. Agnus has Nero nearly killed by his Angelos, during which Nero dramatically unleashes his Devil Trigger, gaining a phantom-like appearance. Under this form, Nero managed to resurrect Yamato, the sword of Dante's brother, Vergil.

Nero heads toward headquarters, believing Credo must know more of the events occurring than he reveals. He crosses the bridge which heads into a cave concealed by the waterfall and finds himself in a forest. He runs into Dante, but the encounter is very brief. Nero fights countless demons within the forest and eventually kills Echidna, a dragon-like demon who treats the forest as her children (the demons are, at least). Nero eventually finds the Headquarters where he finds Credo at the entrance. Credo attacks Nero under Sanctus's orders although Nero is reluctant knowing that to kill Credo would upset Kyrie. Nero is victorious but Kyrie sees Nero and his demonic arm, mistaking that he was trying to kill Credo (reverted to his human appearance). Agnus captures Kyrie, revealing Sanctus's desire to use her to get to Nero, Credo is furious but Agnus flies away with Kyrie. Credo puts aside his fight with Nero, for the time being.

While in the Headquarters Nero fights Agnus but fails to kill him and rescue Kyrie. He continues on however and runs into Dante again, who demands that he give him Yamato. Nero refuses and the two fight. Despite Nero wielding the Yamato, Dante is able to easily beat him, though he refuses to kill him. Although Dante wants his brother's sword back, he allows Nero to keep it for now, seeing as how he needs it. Nero reveals his name to Dante and leaves.

Nero later finds Sanctus next to a giant statue called the Savior (resembling Sparda), Nero fights Sanctus, defeating him easily, though he can not out power the Savior or kill Sanctus who willingly uses Kyrie to prevent Nero from doing so. Sanctus steals the Yamato from Nero and kills Credo with it after being attacked by him due to his anger at his Holiness's betrayal. Dante and Trish (who was Gloria) come and witness the powering of the Savior. Nero is absorbed into the heart of the Savior for power. Credo asks Dante one last request, to save Kyrie and Nero. At this point in the game the player assumes control of Dante, since this has nothing to do with Nero, we will skip forward in the story.

Dante, who retrieved Yamato and destroyed all the Hell Gates, faces off against the Savior and thrusts Yamato into the core of the statue, awakening Nero and allowing him to escape the heart he was imprisoned in. After completing a number of trail within the Savior, Nero faces against Sanctus. Nero defeats Sanctus who is angered due to the Sparda (the sword of the Dark Knight) refusing to give Sanctus the power to kill Nero. Nero explains to Sanctus that although Sparda was a demon, and although he does not believe the stories as literally as he should, he says the Sparda did have a heart, one that could love another person, the one thing that Sanctus lacks, who's only desire is power. Nero saves Kyrie and kills Sanctus, they later escape the Savior.

Although it seems the end has come, the Savior transforms into the form of the False Savior, taking on Sanctus's appearance. Nero agrees to fight in Dante's stead. At this moment, Nero seems to apologize to God for despising him for cursing Nero to his fate as a half-demon. Nero destroys the False Savior and accepts who he is as a demon, deciding that although he is a demon, he is not evil. He meets up with Dante who exchange thanks and a friendship. Nero tries to return Yamato back to Dante, but he refuses giving it to Nero. Nero asks Dante if they'll meet again and he waves, showing that it is hopeful. Kyrie joins Nero and is happy that the end has come. Nero returns his necklace to her and they nearly kiss, but are interuppted by demons. Nero fights them off while Kyrie waits, agreeing to kiss him after.

Nero wears a long blue coat with the Order of the Sword's insignia sewn into both shoulders. He also wears a red zip-up hoodie/vest underneath this coat, and what appears to be a black cotton t-shirt beneath that. Nero wears two rings on his human hand: one on his index finger that has the emblem of the Order of the Sword on its face, and another on his ring finger which has a rose design on its face, identical to the designs on his belt buckle, coat clasp, and coat buttons. He has white hair and blue eyes, similar to Dante and Vergil.

In early concept designs, Nero instead wore a double-breasted coat and white overcoat similar to Credo's.

Devil May Cry 4 emphasizes that Nero has some sort of connection with Sparda, due to the connection he has with the Yamato and his alleged place in the Sparda bloodline. However, the details of this have yet to be confirmed by Capcom.

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(( Above ))Nero's Two Rings // (( Below )) Nero's Devil Trigger

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DMC 5 What? o_O

I've Heard Rumours That Capcom Will Be Making A Devil May Cry 5 In The Future O.O That'd Be Awsome But Dante Needs A Bigger Friggin Role Then What He Has In DMC 4... And Knowing More About Nero Would Be Nice xD Having Vergil Show Up In The Game Would Be Cool To I Heard That He May Be In It >:3 So What's YOur Take On All This? o.O Or Do You Know Anything About This If You Do Any Info You Could Share On The Mysterty Of This Alleged DMC 5 Would Be Much Appreciate :D


The 閻魔刀: Yamato (閻魔刀:大和, Enma Katana: Yamato?, lit. "Devil blade: Yamato") is Vergil's trademark dark-forged blade appearing in Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 3, and Devil May Cry 4. It is a legendary sword that was once wielded by his father, and was left to Vergil as a keepsake. It resembles a Japanese Ōkatana, though it is said to be able to cut through anything as it is even sharper than an Ōkatana[4] and is imbued with tremendous magic. These qualities are important in its ability to both open and destroy the Hell Gates.

The Yamato once belonged to Vergil's father, Sparda, and according to the Order of the Sword, it was used to seal the "true Hell Gate". It was eventually given to Vergil as a memento, and he uses it as his primary weapon in Devil May Cry 3. It was somehow found, broken, by the Order of the Sword, and their act of taking it is what drives Dante to retrieve it by entering Fortuna in Devil May Cry 4. It is kept in Agnus's Containment Room within Fortuna Castle, but is restored and taken by Nero when his dormant powers as an heir to Sparda emerge. Thereafter, Nero is able to use the sword while in Devil Trigger. However, it is taken back from him by Sanctus when he is absorbed into the Savior, and is then used by Agnus to reopen the Hell Gate. After slaying Agnus, Dante retrieves the Yamato from the gate, which he destroys with it. Thereafter, he wields it while his Dark Slayer Style. While fighting the Savior, Dante uses it to free Nero, and gives it back to him. At the end of the game, Dante charges Nero with keeping it. It hasn't been revealed yet as to how Yamato was broken, or what happened to it after Vergil was corrupted and became Nelo Angelo.