I decided to create a world for random writings of mine. Fantasy Worlds will just be used for the more serious writings.

*head desk*

Why can I not catch a break this week?!! It's been one thing after another since Saturday night!! AAAUUUGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!



that is all.


The title has nothing to do with this. XP

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So I'm sick right now. Was hoping it would just be my appendix but noooo of course not cuz that would be normal and my body thinks thats wrong.
My preliminary test results show that I have a cyst on my right ovary.
Not good.
My mom had cysts on her ovaries when I was little and she almost died from it.
I go talk to a doctor tomorrow and GYN thursday about options.

I just want to feel better. I haven't eaten hardly anything since sunday because the nausea has been so bad.
I'm taking anti-nausea meds and prescription pain pills now and that's helping.

Maybe someone read my results wrong........I can hope =S

Sadly the results are right, I have a cyst on the right ovary that's as big as the ovary AND a cyst on the left ovary that's about half the size of the ovary.

I went and saw a local dr wednesday to discuss what to do. Her opinion was to let the cysts rupture, be in pain for a few days and then I'd be fine.
I am not joking there. That's exactly what she said.

SO I went to a GYN today. I will be having surgery tomorrow morning to have the cysts removed.

So wish me luck guys!


Broke up with my boyfriend last night. He cheated on me with a guy. I'm so hurt right now. I trusted him more than I normally trust anyone. He actually got mad at me because I was angry with him. He said he didn't cheat because all he was doing was "experimenting"
I normally don't post things like this but I'm so hurt and upset about it all I just wanted to talk about it somehow.