Chandacy's Profile [Updated]

 Chandacy (Chan-Duh-See) Sade (Shaw-Day) Nightwill

Pokémon: Chandelure

National #: #609

Title: Luring Pokémon

Type of Pokémon: Fire & Ghost.

 While she prefers plain old Chandacy, Chany and Chan have been among some of her nicknames.



 June 10th

Birthstone: Moonstone

Sign: Gemini

 Adamant - Chandacy is stubborn to a fault. When she puts her mind to something, no one can make her stray from that path. She is determined and will make sure she keeps her promises to matter what. She loves spicy things, something that fits well with her personality.

Held Items:
 Pecha Berry

 Flame Body [It burns physically and it burns up the victim's spirit.]

Attacks: Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Inferno, Heat Wave, Ember, Shadow Ball, Incinerate, Fire Wheel, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Protect, Flamethrower and Will-O-Wisp

Weak Against:
 Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water and Dark.


 120 pounds

Hair Color:
 A dark shade of lavender

Hair Length:
 Her hair is now longer, going to her hips.

Eye Color:
 A bright yellow-gold mixture.

Skin Tone:
 A very pale peach.

 Skinny, petite but muscular.

 Long scars all over her back and a few on her stomach.

 She has No.609 tattooed on her lower back and two red flowers on her sides with long vines.

 Two in the bottom of each ear and one in both or her cartilages.

Appearance: Chandacy has dark lavender hair that cascades down her back and ends at her hips. While at a normal height, her body is leaner and more muscular than most. She has extremely pale skin, pink lips and high cheekbones. She used to have a black crown that held a purple and blue flame on the side of her head, but it was destroyed by Marius the Vaporeon.

Full Outfit: Complete Outfit List

 Chandacy is a cocky, confident, and stubborn woman. Like her mother, she is sarcastic, determined, and independent but expresses insecurity whenever talking about her past. She displays a quick wit and a dry sense of humor and can be strict. Although she comes across as cocky and confident, Chandacy has a caring and compassionate side, especially towards friends, whom she would protect by any means. She cares greatly about her friends, willing to take extreme measures to protect them. Her friends commented on Chandacy having a "wild fearlessness to her". This is supported by her unwillingness to back down from a fight regardless of her opponent, and her belief in Lady Luck.


Significant Other: Ewan Shizuka

 Acerbus the Zoroark

 Her mother, father, and little brother were killed in a fire ten years ago. She recently found out her sister, Liliana, who was captured by Team Rocket, has been dead for six years.

Relationships: Relationship Map

 Veilstone City

Job: Pokémon Healer

Song Name: So What

Song Artist: P!nk


 Fire, the dark, the summertime, candles, chocolate, candy, nighttime, playing the piano, and setting things of fire.

 Water [She will feel very weak if she’s wet], rain, knowing that she can kill people, jerks, girls who can’t hold their own in a fight, peanut butter and fighting without a cause.

 Killing people she cares about, falling in love, death, what she cannot see, and spiders.

 Combat (either hand-to-hand or ranged), night vision, and stalking her target.

 Water, fighting those she cares about, and using guns.

Battle Style: Battle Style



 Rare steak.

Drink: Earl Grey tea

Color: Purple

 Red Roses.

 Willow Tree




Background: When she was a kid, Team Rocket had learned about her and her family living in a city. After hearing that, they wanted to capture them. Within a week, Team Rocket had found Chandacy and her family’s home in the outskirts of Veilstone City. They attacked her and her family, trying to capture them. Chandacy became enraged when they went after her little sister Lillie. Accidentally, she set the whole forest and city on fire, trying to save her sister. Team Rocket had ran off with her sister while she watched the city burn. She learned that when she was scared or mad, her Flame Body became uncontrollable and could set fires.

After that, she ran away, afraid she would cause more pain to her family. Chandacy ended hiding in a cave for years, training by herself, trying to make herself strong enough to find her sister.