Hey everyone! Chandacy here!

Welcome to my mansion. If you need any, please refer to the navigation bar at the bottom or ask Bli-Chan.

<3 Chandacy

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RP'ing With Me

Here a few things I would like to point out when you RP with me: If I don’t know you and just met you, I will probably be a little crude, sarcastic and a little bit snarky. It’s just how I first act to peopl...

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Chandacy's Profile [Updated]

 Chandacy (Chan-Duh-See) Sade (Shaw-Day) Nightwill Pokémon: Chandelure National #: #609 Title: Luring Pokémon Type of Pokémon: Fire & Ghost. Nicknames:
 While she prefers plain...

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Hey! So, this is Chandacy. Even after my death, Bli-Chan wants to keep me updated and used. So, here is the first of my updated tabs. Spring: ...

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Chandacy's Relationship Map [Updated]

Nyarth the Meowth: Met briefly a couple of times. She didn't know him enough to make a definite opinion of him. Lux the Luxray:Acquaintance. He helped her in the mansion before he left. Xio the Dark Luxray: Here harsh, cold, sadist...

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Now What?

So, guys....

What should I do now that Chandacy has kicked the bucket?

Opinions, suggestions?