'Cause I'm just one of those ghosts
Traveling endlessly
Don't need no road
In fact they follow me

And we just go in circles

Well Now I'm told that this is life
[ From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/p/paramore-lyrics/misguided-ghosts-lyrics.html ]
And pain is just a simple compromise
So we can get what we want out of it
Would someone care to classify,
A broken heart and twisted minds
So I can find someone to rely on

And run
To them, to them
Full speed ahead
Oh you are not, Useless
We are just

Misguided ghosts
Traveling endlessly .......

feeling sick again

I really don't feel well right now.
I think I have flu again.
My head just aches so bad.
I think I won't be able to comment for the next few days in the Otaku.

I gotta go. I will be offline for quite some time.



I've just seen the official trailer for the Avatar the last airbender directed by M. Night Shyamalan...

I'm so friggin' excited. Aang's bending looks so awesome.

If you have not seen it yet, here is the link for the official trailer:



.. all over again...

I love to draw and since I am currently practicing to improve my art, I am trying to do the basics again.

I want to create my own anime, my own character and after that possibly create my own manga.

But I need to start with level 1 first ... LOL

I'm having a blast doing this one. It's quite easier to follow the basic steps rather than sketching right away...

Well I guess that is it for now...
Gotta go now!!!

To the highly organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.


yay! i finally got the request that i gave to KazuhikoLover.
I am really happy on how it turned out.
She looks prettier than I imagined her.

And to anyone who is reading this, KazuhikoLover is taking requests so just PM or comment on KazuhikoLover if you like to get requests.


... another ...

I am working on another entry for the bleachness challenge right now. This time, I'll try to do a background. I'm so excited.

Too bad I don't have any scanner. I just usually take pictures of the ones that I have already sketched and then just sharpen it up in GIMP.

Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to make do with what I have.

See ya!