Hey im Yumi. I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY WORLD~!!! Heres a profile of me!!

Name~ Yumi Uzumaki
Age~ 16
Birthday~ 2-22-93
Interest~ Ramen, Anime, Drawing, Writing, Eating pockey,other sweets,Most Akatsuki Members
Dislikes~ People who think their better than me, most vegetables, meaniez!! XP
Hair color~ Purple
Eye color~ Blue
Favorite word~ Awezomeness~!!
Outfit~ Uhhh...I wear many, lolz


WHOA! I haven't been on here in sooo long!!! And I finially found out how to upload pics!! XD [[ I used to be an epic failure! ]] So yeah, expect awesomeness soon... very soon... like, by tomorrow. XD Yeah, plese comment, I know non of you miss me cuz I never really come on here.. but a welcome back would be nice! Please! XD I'll love ya! =^^= Well yeah.. sorry this was so long.. I missed theOtaku, but now, I'm back! And happy to be back! =^^-



I havent posted here in so long. Im soooooo boooooreeddd... I need something to do... And I just started watching fmab, AWESOMENESS!!!!! Lolz. And Im in love with Roy Mustang XD
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Yo, Wassap

Yo wassap, my names Yumi, wats yours?

PLZ TALK TO ME!! Yumi is bored talking to herself all the time!!

I think im a nice person...YUMI WANTZ FRIENDZ!!!

I hope you enjoy my world in the future!!

(I know this was short and boring, but I was tired...)