ERGENT!!! If any of you is on dA please look at this!

dA has lost their minds! They're basically allowing stealing and copying now!!!


Yeah. dA has really turn to crap. Its a shame because it used to a nice site. As in they're were a lot of great artwork and cool people on their and now this happened.
So if you all have artwork posted on dA I'd advice to take down your stuff down. I don't think watermarks matter on there because they allow tracing if you haven't checked the link.
Excuse me while I delete my dA gallery.


OK I made a mistake. What they're saying is "art theft" only implies to physical art. If digital art is reposted, copied, traced without permission its "copyright infringement"
So apparently dA are against art theft people reposting and claiming other people's artwork for their own. They just don't want people to call it art theft?....

I got carried away please don't ridicule or make fun of me getting worked up over a mistake. I realize now and very embarrassed (to the point of tears).
So excuse me while I leave