Life Update: Mobiles, Snowglobes and Money Woes

Hi everybody! How are you guys doing?
I rarely been active here but I do try to stop by when I can (I'm addicted to tumblr lol) I want to start a livestream but I don't have much inspiration to draw maybe later. Unless someone wants to start one then I drop by and watch :D
So anyway I got a new cell phone because my brother change companies from Sprint to Verizon. I don't know how Verizon is better than Sprint all I know that the new cell phone is much nicer than the old one. It runs faster, the battery life lasts longer and it charges faster too. My previous cell phone had a lot of problems; it was freezing and die on me whenever I was on tumblr or surfing the net. Now I have a bunch of spare rechargeable cell phone batteries I can't use anymore. (I bought spares before I knew we were getting new cell phones)
I guess I'll sell them...

On a sad note my dad lost his job (He had two jobs before) He's making me and my sister Sarah sign up for Social Security to help pay bills. First I had to go check out some paper work at the Social Security office. Now I'm waiting for when I have to take a test to prove I have autism. I'm very nervous about it. I doubt I'll get accepted for SS since I have job even though its part time.
My sister will probably get accepted. She's not as high functioning as me. One of the things I'm most nervous about is that my mom has to got to the social security office with my dad. She can't stand being in the same room as him (she says she's scared of him...) I don't think she knows and I'm afraid to tell her

If I won't get accepted I'll work more hours. I doubt I can find another job. I'm too...scared to apply for another job. The only reason I work at the job I have now is because my brother in law owns it.
The thing I'm most afraid of about jobs is that I'm scared if I get assaulted or bullied. When it happens I freeze up and I'm too scared/choked up to defend myself or get help. It happened a few times at school.
EDIT: I'm also afraid that people wouldn't except me because I have little experience and skill and I have a lot trouble talking to people and socializing. I can barely work at the cash register my job.

I'll also apply for art commissions. I've been meaning to do that anyway.

PS One of my Christmas presents came it. Its a fairy snow globe that plays music. I had received it till now because they had to exchange it as the first one defected