I hate you Windows 8

I hate you Windows 8
I hate you for coning me with your fancy new features and apps
I hate you for driving me crazy when the trial expired you kept restarting every freaking hour when I was trying to work on projects and made it freaking difficult.
I hate you for saying you'll save my personal files when I download the full version and then when I download load the full version
Manga Studio and Paint Tool Sai are NO WHERE to be found and stuff that I have been working on are all GONE!!!

*sigh* I'm so upset right now I might cry. Manga Studio was my main drawing program and I was just getting the hang of Sai. If I can't get the other program of MS that came with the disc I'll have to buy a new one and they cost like two hundred dollars...

Some sort of good news they're "post pone" sending Buddy to the farm. But I don't have much hope on that.