I started working at Zaxbys the restaraunt my brother in law runs. He doesn't own the change he manages like two of them in the near by counties.
Its just a part time job for now. I never had a job before because I have trouble talking to strangers...
So anyway this is temporary I don't want to work in fast food.
Though I really want to be a professional artist I was thinking of becoming a barista.
The kind that makes latte art

Isn't that cool? I would love do that as part of a job. But I never worked with an espresso maker. I've only made like just regular coffee at home.
So then I was thinking of applying for a job at a Starbucks or something so I could learn how to make different kinds of coffee though I doubt I make latte art there.

I have this dream of opening a quaint little cafe that shows artwork by local artists. But that's probably never going to happen...