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Makers of Manga Studio (My main art program) has made a new program for digital art


But its not in English! D:
From what I heard it cost about 70 dollars if you buy it from Japan. I could do that but then it would be in Japanese. I can't read Japanese I only know some words and phrases in Japanese from watching anime subs.
If I waited till it comes out in English and who knows how long that will take I bet it'll cost a fortune like Manga Studio...

So anyway I joined MangaMagazine
Uploaded my recent manga project.
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FEATURED IN POST: Kiki, Xio, Haxlia, Luca, Krory, Delin, Maura
TIME: After the date and then the next day

After our dinner date we left the resteraunt. Xio had his arms around my shoulders as we walked back to the mansion. I felt so incredibly happy right now.

I looked up at Xio, "The outfit that I bought..." Xio looked back at me. "Would you be willing to stop by my room later and tell me what you think of it?"

Xio smiled, "Sure I can do that for you though I was already planning on coming to your room."

"Oh?" I grinned and playfully hip bumped him.

We were heading back home and then the air changed. It felt very hot and dry. That's weird.

“Why is the air so dry all of a sudden?” Haxlia coughed.

I put a hand over my mouth. Breathing in the dry and dusty air irritated by throat, “It’s like we are in a desert.”

The next moment Xio and Luca ran towards the mansion at top speed, leaving Haxlia and I behind.

“HEY!?!” Haxlia screamed after them.

I huffed and placed my hands on my hips. "Can't believe they just took off without a word, how rude!"

We ran after them. I was way behind Haxlia. I was never good at running. And the shoes I was wearing weren't helping. As we got closer to the mansion I can hear sound of destruction coming from the direction of the mansion. Something was going on. Was the mansion under attack? That must be why the guys went ahead.

When we finally caught to Xio and Luca they were with Delin, Glyph and a Krokorock Gijinka I haven't met before. A newcomer?

Haxlia ran over to Luca and punched him in the face.“DAMN IT Luca and Xio! You could have at least told us why you dashed off instead of leaving us hanging.” The Haxlia yelled.

Xio chuckled., “Better you then me.”

When Haxlia turned her attention to the Krokorock her mood changed they bothed squealed, "Oh my gosh!SISTER!" and hugged.

The Krokorock Gijinka introduced herself as Krory and she had an Australian accent. I walked away and curtsied at Krory, "My name is Kiki, and its nice to meet you."

Krory bowed in return.

"YO!" Someone called from the mansion. The others and I looked u and saw Patrick waving from one of the windows.

“Hey if you are all done down there why not come up here and talk. We got this Togekiss guy who is new and he wants to be part of the mansion.” Patrick yelled down. “We’re all ready to have our meeting.”

Before I joined the others to enter the mansion I found Xio and latched onto his arm. “Xio!”

At the meeting I sat next to Xio and we were introduced to the newcomer the Togekiss Gijinka, Toby. And then Krory informed us about this group of water type Gijinka that want to take over the world by causing a great flood. How crazy is that?! She told us that Daramis was kidnapped by this Godfrey guy. The leader of these water type Gijinka criminals. I felt really worried for Damaris. I hope she wasn't hurt. That explained why Delin was so upset.

Krory said she needed volunteers to fight and help rescue Damaris. I wanted to help. I really want to join the fight. This is my home and I don't want my friends hurt or worse.

Xio got up and left the room. I stood up and followed him down the hallway. I caught up to him as he was at the door to his bedroom.

“Xio wait!” I yelled as I ran down the hall.

When I was beside him he turned to look at me.“What is it?”

I stood up straight and looked Xio in the eye. “I was thinking about what Krory was saying. I’ve been here for a while and because of everyone here, I have felt welcomed…”


“Well, we are a family and…” I paused and swallowed dry air, “I want to go and fight with Krory. I want to become stronger.”

I waited as Xio didn't say a word and just stared down at me. His face betrayed no emotion and stood still so I had no idea what was going in his head. It made me a little nervous but I kept in eye contact quietly.

“So what are you saying to me?”

I said in a clear voice, “I want to become stronger, so I want you to train me.”

“Not happening!”

I was taken aback by his defiante blunt tone. “W-what why not?”

“Go ask Krory to train you, I have better things to do!” He said and turned to enter his room. But I grabbed onto his tail and pulled him back to stop him.

“You are my boyfriend, why can’t you train me?” I pulled his tail closer to my chest. “I don’t want to be as weak as I was when you killed Murphy and the others. I want to be able to stand on my own and fight beside you, not you protecting me the entire time. I know I said I wouldn’t bring it up, but whoever Lydia was for you, I want to make sure I aid you then be hindering you in battle.”

Xio turned around his eyes flashly darkly, “Are you saying Lydia was a hinder?” He said coldly.

“Not at all, whatever happened to her, I don’t want it to repeat. What I am trying to say is I want to be stronger to be by your side.”

I let go of his tail and I once I did that he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. "Just because I'm your boyfriend doesn't mean I'll agree to it, however, if I get something in exchange I might reconsider."

His hand lead up my thigh and he kissed me on my neck. Like always his touch gave me goosebumps. "W-what do you want in exchange?" I was hesitate to ask as I had a feeling what he wants from me.

He pressed his body against mine and looked into my eyes, "I think you already know what I want Kiki...I want your body."

I didn't say anything. He let go and step towards his room.

Then I was alone in the hallway, I almost sank to the floor but I stood up and walked to my room. I ran a hand through my hair and felt my face was very hot.

I can't believe---I don't know what to think. I know Xio's that kind of man but I knew that we would someday...I held my cheeks and shook my head side to side.

When I was in my room I lay down and contemplate as I held my pillow to my chest. My mind was whirling so much I feel asleep.


The next day I got up and my thoughts started back where I left off from last night. What do I do?

I sighed and stretched. I got to take a shower. Showering helps clear my head and after a good half hour shower I felt much better and refreshed. I dried of and got dressed.

Before heading out I went to get my purse and found it was zipped opened. That's weird. I don't remember leaving it zipped open like that the last time I put it down. I looked inside my stomach already fluttering nervous and gasped in shock.

I rushed around my room, not having any idea where I was going but as I ran down the hallways of the mansion I learned the other residents had also been robbed of their wallets.

"Oh my Gosh! I can't believe I-everyone's been robbed!!! What about my money!" I mumbled under my breath, feeling very stressed, and aggitated. "What am I going to do?!"

“Let me guess, your wallet was stolen too?” Maura stood by, wearing her work out clothes.

“You too Maura?!” I said turning to her.

“Seems like everybody here has the same problem, I’m not worried about it,” Maura said shrugging.

“What do I do?!” I said waving my arms in my distressed. “I wanted to buy a present for Xio!”

Maura shrugged again and I think I saw her roll her eyes, “Hey, are you going to train for the battle and help save Damaris?” She asked me.

“Of course,” I said, forgetting about my personal delima for a moment and made my hands squeezed into fists. “But I have to train to become stronger so I can fight along side with the others.”

“Yeah,” Maura said rubbing her chin pensively. “I also have to train.”

“You’re joining in too?”

“Of course, I don’t want the whole world flooded. Me and water; don’t mix.”

“Yay! Glad to know you’re joining in.” I was so happy that she was participating to fight and save Damaris that I went to hug her but Maura pushed my away her arm stretched out to keep me away.

“Don’t you have a wallet to find?”

“Okay right! But how do I—OH! I know! I’ll use psycometry to find it!” Now I had an idea on what to do I left and went on my way.

Psycometry, I think it was called...but its a psychic technique to find lost objects. Its like...using both Telekinese and Psychic vision. It works better if it's a personal object. I went back to my room and tried to pick up the psychic link.

This was hard...its easier to find something with a living energy source. This made me feel like those dog trackers, ha ha ha... I held my purse in my hand, closing my eyes, I tried to concentrate on the image of what I seek in my mind's eye.

I can see it...and its with someone...I recongize their aura.
Okay I think I got it!

I set out following the psychic link. I bet I could follow it with my eyes closed. But then I would bump into things if I did that.

I stopped at a door in the Girl's Wing and knocked purposely. No answer. I knocked again. There was still no sounds of response so I knocked repeatedly. "Hey! Is anyone there?"

"Coming..." I heard a tired voice from behind the door. The door open and there was the Bannette Gijinka.