You can call me Art or Artgrrl. My real name Allura is fine but here I prefer Artgrrl

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Date of Birth: October 5




STATUS: Single (I'm not looking for anyone I'm happy just having friends)

HOBBIES: Drawing, reading, listening to music

FAVORITE MOVIES: Labyrinth, WALL E, Fairy Tale; A True Story, Harry Potter 1 and 2, The Hobbit, Lilo and Stitch, The Witches, Jurassic Park, The Phantom of the Opera, Mirror Mask

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Conan, Doctor Who, Merlin, Lost Girl, Primeval, Bones, Downton Abby, How I Met Your Mother, Ghost Adventurers, Warehouse 13, Sleepy Hollow

FAVORITE CARTOON: Gargoyles, Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, Transformers Animated Series, Transformers Prime, Transformers Armanda, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Kim Possible, Static Shock, Teen Titans, Scooby Doo, The Proud Family

FAVORITE BOOKS: Harry Potter, Ink Heart, The Riddles of Epsilon, The Bartimaous trilogy, Skulduggery Pleasant, The Inheritance Series, Cathy's Book, The Chronicles of Faeries, The Stacy Brown Series, Coraline

FAVORITE ANIME: Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, XXXHolic, Trigun, Blood Plus, Trinity Blood, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruit Basket, Princess Tutu, Aria, Inuyasha, D.N.Angel, Black Cat

FAVORITE MANGA: Naruto, Oresama Teacher, Trinity Blood, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruit Basket, Her Majesty's Dog, Immortal Rain, Bride's Story, XXXHolic, Card Capture Sakura, Kobato, Ghost Hunt, Ultra Maniac, Crescent Moon, Genkaku Picasso, Aria, Miracle X Miracle, Inuyasha, Rahma 1/2, D.N. Angel, NG Life, Girl Queen, S.L.H., Barajou No Rose, Arago, Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume, Earl and Fairy, V.B. Rose, Akagami No Shirayukihime, Beauty Pop, Fairy Cube, Jellyfish Princess

FAVORITE WEB COMICS: Unsounded, Trying Human, Dream Scar, Lackadaisy, Land of Lions, Todd Alison and Petunia Violet, Polterguys, String Theory, Supernatural Steps

FAVORITE ARTIST: Mary Cassat, Brain Froud, Vincent Van Gogh, Cho Yong,

FAVORITE WRITER: Cornelia Funke, O.R. Melling, Darek Landy, Neil Gaiman, Alice Hoffman

FAVORITE BAND/SINGER: Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Pink, Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Neyo, The Script, Avril Lavigne

LIKES: Fantasy, fairies, angels, space, stars, art, animals, nature, flowers

DISLIKES: Ignorance, prejudice, bullies, rape jokes, animal cruelty, bigots

Black Blood Brothers

I am totally into this anime called Black Blood Brothers it's awesome! My favorite characters are Jiro, Caza, and Zelman! Does anyone else watch it?


You guys should know about the Harry Potter theme park right? It's opening this June on the 16th and my big sister Tiny wants to go there too! She's thinking of taking me and my other sister down in Florida when she and her husband are going to visit the in-laws this summer. I want to go there so bad! XD I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Want A Scooby Snack?

My mom told me this hilarious story. She was visiting her friends and they have a Great Dane and their cat just had a litter of kittens. Mom and her friends were in the living room the dog was lying in the corner and the cat and her kittens were in a cat house. The dog walks over to the cat house and sticks his head inside then he goes back in the corner and lies down. Mom was watching the dog while her friends were talking. She said the dog was resting his head on his paws and looked so cute. Then he opened his mouth and a little kitten crawls out! It was all wet and slimey and then the dog traps it in his paws and started licking it. My mom was shocked and thought the dog was really going to eat the kitty and she like "Uh your dog is going to eat your cat..." But they were like it's fine he would never hurt a fly.

I thought it was pretty funny they way my mom told the story she had my laughing so hard my sides were hurting. She should be a stand up comedian XD

Me and My dog Buddy

I've taking walks around the neighborhood with my dog Buddy. He's around 13 years old and a mix breed. Half golden retriever and half great paranesse (it's a type of sheep dog I think). He's really pretty especially after he's groomed.

Today Buddy got out bad boy! He likes to run out of the house whenever there's a chance. I try to cure him from these urges by taking him on walks more often but he still tries to get out. So when he busted out for the umpteenth time again I grabbed his leash and went after him.

I found him on the block behind us and I ran over to him. I was told you not suppose to run after him or he'll run away (he thinks you want to play chase or something) But instead of running away he ran towards me! It made me very happy ^_^ It could have something to do with the lease. He was probably thinking in his little doggy mind "Lease! Time for a walk!"

I wish I could put up a picture of him. I'll try to in the near future :)

Singing Cat?

Is this cat actually singing? It sounds something like "oh long Johnson" or something...