You can call me Art or Artgrrl. My real name Allura is fine but here I prefer Artgrrl

TheOtaku is my usual haunt but you can also find me at;
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Date of Birth: October 5



STATUS: Single (I'm not looking for anyone I'm happy just having friends)

HOBBIES: Drawing, reading, listening to music

FAVORITE MOVIES: Labyrinth, WALL E, Fairy Tale; A True Story, Harry Potter 1 and 2, The Hobbit, Lilo and Stitch, The Witches, Jurassic Park, The Phantom of the Opera, Mirror Mask

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Conan, Doctor Who, Merlin, Lost Girl, Primeval, Bones, Downton Abby, How I Met Your Mother, Ghost Adventurers, Warehouse 13, Sleepy Hollow

FAVORITE CARTOON: Gargoyles, Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, Transformers Animated Series, Transformers Prime, Transformers Armanda, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Kim Possible, Static Shock, Teen Titans, Scooby Doo, The Proud Family

FAVORITE BOOKS: Harry Potter, Ink Heart, The Riddles of Epsilon, The Bartimaous trilogy, Skulduggery Pleasant, The Inheritance Series, Cathy's Book, The Chronicles of Faeries, The Stacy Brown Series, Coraline

FAVORITE ANIME: Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, XXXHolic, Trigun, Blood Plus, Trinity Blood, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruit Basket, Princess Tutu, Aria, Inuyasha, D.N.Angel, Black Cat

FAVORITE MANGA: Naruto, Oresama Teacher, Trinity Blood, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruit Basket, Her Majesty's Dog, Immortal Rain, Bride's Story, XXXHolic, Card Capture Sakura, Kobato, Ghost Hunt, Ultra Maniac, Crescent Moon, Genkaku Picasso, Aria, Miracle X Miracle, Inuyasha, Rahma 1/2, D.N. Angel, NG Life, Girl Queen, S.L.H., Barajou No Rose, Arago, Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume, Earl and Fairy, V.B. Rose, Akagami No Shirayukihime, Beauty Pop, Fairy Cube, Jellyfish Princess

FAVORITE WEB COMICS: Unsounded, Trying Human, Dream Scar, Lackadaisy, Land of Lions, Todd Alison and Petunia Violet, Polterguys, String Theory, Supernatural Steps

FAVORITE ARTIST: Mary Cassat, Brain Froud, Vincent Van Gogh, Cho Yong,

FAVORITE WRITER: Cornelia Funke, O.R. Melling, Darek Landy, Neil Gaiman, Alice Hoffman

FAVORITE BAND/SINGER: Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Pink, Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Neyo, The Script, Avril Lavigne

LIKES: Fantasy, fairies, angels, space, stars, art, animals, nature, flowers

DISLIKES: Ignorance, prejudice, bullies, rape jokes, animal cruelty, bigots

My rock tunes

Out with the old and into the new

Hey guys this year I've set up a New Years Resolution

~ Save up and buy a new Laptop. This is probably the easiest task I've set myself right now. Just need to save my money and figure out what kind of computer I need

~ Work on my stories. I believe I've said this in a previous New Years Resolution. And I haven't got one story finished T_T

~ Practice drawing stuff and branch out of my comfort zone. As in I need to start drawing backgrounds, and objects.

~ Start working out. I haven't had motivation to go out for a walk since my dog died, dog walking is the only way to get me to exercise =/

~ Get more involved. As in talk to people more, socialize, make small talk Oi...

~ I also want to help pitch in to help pay mom's doctor and hospital bills. She tore a muscle or something in her shoulder and it looks like she'll need surgery. She says she doesn't want me to help pitch in but she doesn't have a job or insurance. So I don't see how will she be able to pay the medical bills.

Ugh! Regrets and Frustration!

Okay like last week I bought the Sims 4 because there was a sale and it was twenty dollars off. So I thought hey probably won't get a better deal than that so I bought it. It arrived today and after like two hours of trying to get it install I tried to activate/play the game but it said it couldn't because my video card and video driver was out of date or none compatible. UUUUGGGH!!!!

I don't know where to get a video card or driver. I found some sites where I can download drivers for free but I'm a little suspicious of them. I'll wait tomorrow for my brother to check it out.

Speaking of computer cards I sometimes can't play music, when that happens it says theres something wrong with my sound card. IDK this is frustrating!

I love computers when they work right but when they don't I'm like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Sorry for ranting about silly stuff ^^;
Maybe one of you know a way to fix this?

How's everybody's Holidays?

How's everybody's holiday?

Mine was okay. I got books, a Venetian mask, and money. Bought an art book of the Book of Life with my Christmas money and I'll use the rest to buy clothes. I got a fairy snow globe but the glass was cloudy looking so we're going to exchange it.
I spent a lot of money on Christmas presents I bought my sister Sarah a Nintendo 3DS so she can have her own.
And I bought The Sims 4 for myself. I don't know why they had a sale and and I thought why not. Never played the Sims and will probably play it just to create characters and build a house.

I saw Annie today. It's really cute movie and I liked the soundtrack.

Secret Santa 2014 Wishlist

Fanart: (Either one or two of the following)

~Sailor Moon/Usagi/Princess Serenity
~Yuko from xxxHolic
~Grimmjow from Bleach
~Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Night Vale
~My OC Kiki the Kirlia Gijinka, Maura the Mawile Gijinka,Porcia the Grumpig Gijinka

If You don't want to draw you can
Make me a wallpaper of said characters listed in above
Or make or send me an Ecard of something pretty and Christmasy


Hey guys so life update
I've been feeling sick since Friday. I was worried it was the flu but I guess its a cold. I miss a lot of work. I tried to go back to work on Wednesday but I felt dizzy and nauseous, bad idea. I was feeling a little better now. I'll be going back to work on Monday. I'm a little worried what my paycheck will look like since I missed a lot of days, I'm supposed to get it on Tuesday.
So anyway I'm really into watching Gameplays on Youtube. Well right now I'm watching gameplays of Markiplier. I like watching him play horror games its fun and I get to watch video games that I'm interested but too chicken to play myself like The Last of Us or Five Nights at Freddy's Though I might play Among The Sleep. That looks good and doesn't look too scary.
Since I've been sick I haven't had much energy to draw and stuff. Been mostly lying in bed sometimes watching TV or youtube but most of time I'm sleeping.
Ugh I'm getting groggy again. I don't know if its the cough medicine or something.
I'll try to do draw or write RP posts when I feel better
So later