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STATUS: Single (I'm not looking for anyone I'm happy just having friends)

HOBBIES: Drawing, reading, listening to music

FAVORITE MOVIES: Labyrinth, WALL E, Fairy Tale; A True Story, Harry Potter 1 and 2, The Hobbit, Lilo and Stitch, The Witches, Jurassic Park, The Phantom of the Opera, Mirror Mask

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Conan, Doctor Who, Merlin, Lost Girl, Primeval, Bones, Downton Abby, How I Met Your Mother, Ghost Adventurers, Warehouse 13, Sleepy Hollow

FAVORITE CARTOON: Gargoyles, Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, Transformers Animated Series, Transformers Prime, Transformers Armanda, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Kim Possible, Static Shock, Teen Titans, Scooby Doo, The Proud Family

FAVORITE BOOKS: Harry Potter, Ink Heart, The Riddles of Epsilon, The Bartimaous trilogy, Skulduggery Pleasant, The Inheritance Series, Cathy's Book, The Chronicles of Faeries, The Stacy Brown Series, Coraline

FAVORITE ANIME: Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, XXXHolic, Trigun, Blood Plus, Trinity Blood, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruit Basket, Princess Tutu, Aria, Inuyasha, D.N.Angel, Black Cat

FAVORITE MANGA: Naruto, Oresama Teacher, Trinity Blood, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruit Basket, Her Majesty's Dog, Immortal Rain, Bride's Story, XXXHolic, Card Capture Sakura, Kobato, Ghost Hunt, Ultra Maniac, Crescent Moon, Genkaku Picasso, Aria, Miracle X Miracle, Inuyasha, Rahma 1/2, D.N. Angel, NG Life, Girl Queen, S.L.H., Barajou No Rose, Arago, Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume, Earl and Fairy, V.B. Rose, Akagami No Shirayukihime, Beauty Pop, Fairy Cube, Jellyfish Princess

FAVORITE WEB COMICS: Unsounded, Trying Human, Dream Scar, Lackadaisy, Land of Lions, Todd Alison and Petunia Violet, Polterguys, String Theory, Supernatural Steps

FAVORITE ARTIST: Mary Cassat, Brain Froud, Vincent Van Gogh, Cho Yong,

FAVORITE WRITER: Cornelia Funke, O.R. Melling, Darek Landy, Neil Gaiman, Alice Hoffman

FAVORITE BAND/SINGER: Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Pink, Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Neyo, The Script, Avril Lavigne

LIKES: Fantasy, fairies, angels, space, stars, art, animals, nature, flowers

DISLIKES: Ignorance, prejudice, bullies, rape jokes, animal cruelty, bigots

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Road to Ninja!

I just watched Naruto: Road to Ninja

It was funny and interesting kinda boring during the action scenes and there was like only three action scenes
any way the highlight of the movie was seeing the alternate version of the characters angry hot chick Hinata, Cat loving dog hatin' Kiba, Women's Underwear thief Lee, Playboy Sasuke, etc.
It was funny but it made sense depending on the different events that took place and shaped their personality like Sasuke for example. I'm assuming that the Uchiha massacre never took place so he must have grown up with a normal child hood and he was adored by his girls in his school so thats how he turned into a play boy at least thats how I see it
And seeing Naruto with Minato and Kushina
But I would have rather it turned into like a mini season/filler arc and explore that parallel characters. I didn't get see how different the Akastuki were in the other world except they were good guys apparently

Afterward I watched Road to Sakura

I need a kick

lol not literally XD
What I mean its just I haven't fan girl over any franchise in a long time it seems.
I saw new movies, TV series, and characters but nothing that get me into doing much fan art unless I'm bored or have free time
Though I am getting a kick out of Tumblr just checking out blogs and posts and replogging or liking them.
And then there's new episodes of TV shows I had liked to watch but now I'm starting to get bored of Once Upon a Time for an example
Then theres new episode of animes that had been on my watch list like Pokemon I've gotten tired of watching the anime so I've stopped and then theres the Bleach anime I've gotten bored of that too but I'm still on the look out of new manga chapters.

Maybe I should try to watch a new anime to get my Otaku spirit going

So anyone wanna recommend me an anime series? Doesn't matter if its English Dub or Sub

Art Meme

When did you get into art? Since I was a wee little toddler. I started drawing on the walls and text books XD What art-related sites have you ever signed up for? TheOtaku is my main site then th...

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The Revenge and Merlin

Does anyone watch the series?
I haven't watch most of it but its really good but its crazy with the plot twists and theres a lot of scary characters O___o

Also does anyone watch BBC Merlin?
I'm currently watching the last series on Sy Fy. I love the show its awesome.
If you don't know its a retelling of the legend of Arthur and Merlin. The difference is Merlin is a teenager and is the same age as Arthur. Arthur is a prince and Merlin becomes his man servant and has to keep his magic powers a secret because the King, Arthur's father has outlawed magic/witchcraft
Morgana is in it also around the same age as Merlin and Arthur she's the King's Ward I think thats what they called her and Gwen is Morgana's lady in waiting/servant

You can watch the first through fourth series on Netflix. Theres some websites where you can watch for free I think.
Its really good and worth to watch.

Also I did a Merlin meme on Deviant Art LINK
Because I love it that much :)


Manga Studio has screwed up again...
I can't get it to work there's this window that pops up whenever I try to open it it says

And I try to find the program in the computer's location called 'old windows' which was where I originally found it but now I can't. Actually a lot of stuff that was in 'old windows' seems to be missing...

Aw well I'm planning on getting the MS 5 anyway. I wanting on for the EX that comes out in summer.

I think its screwing up because its not made to use for Windows 8 it was originally made of 7 and vista

At least I have Paint Tool Sai and GIMP