The reason why i made this world is because i am for the black knights all the way! Brittania will fall at any costs! =3
feel free to message me on it.

Who's Side Are You On?!

*pirate accent* All Right ya lilly liverd spineless fools! Let's see if ya know which side you truly belong in! *gets a rock thrown at head*
*normal voice* Anywho! if you watched the show from strat to finish, or if u have favorites, then you know that there are two sides! The Black Knights*claps and cheers* and the Britanians!*cricket* Let's have a contest! The side with the most votes wins! If you Vote for the Black Knights then you stand for justice,freeing all Japanese, and world love and peace. If you vote for Britania, you stand for domination,power,and keeping the Japanese (or should i say 11's)in a certain area and you don't really care weather they die or not.
Ok! Spread the word so everyone can vote! Cast your vote by messaging me and i will post another post announcing the winner! Keep your fingeres crossed and have fun!
this is Suzaku and Zero

If you never herd of the Black Knights...

The Black Knights are part of a show called Code Geass. Code Geass is about a young British boy named Lelouch Lamperouge who loves his little blind sister Nunnally Lamperouge and best friends with a Japanese boy named Suzaku Kururugi. When Britania took over Japan, Lelouch, Nunnally and Suzaku suffered. But beacuse Lelouch and Nunnally are british, they don't have to live poorly, seeing as they are sons and daughters of an evil emperror. Lelouch grew up wanting to destroy Britania, his own kind. The Japanese are now known as 11's, Japan in general is known as area 11. however, a man with a plan steped up, a man with a secret, and a man with the power of geass a man named Zero. Zero made an team called the Black Knights. The Black Knights are fighting against Britannia to free all Japanese. Who is Zero? What kind of boy is Lelouch? How great is Geass? Who is this mysterious woman C.C? What will Nunnally do in order to create happiness? Would Suzaku betray his own country in order to be happy?Get ready for the awsomest show yet called Code....GEASS!!!!!