How could Spati do that. "Spati..." i whispered. I knew no one could hear me. I let that Falcon do all the talking. He was thinking exactly the same thing i was. Shes just a girl. Leons just probaly got her brainwashed or something. I helped Victor and Falcon carry Rin. She was super light. So i just watched as Falcon took hold of her and walked into the fortress. Spati was still red-faced and i tried to calm him down. "Yo. Shes covered in blood. Don't you think shes had enough?"
He turned on me and said a bit to loudly "ENOUGH! I will only be satasfied when shes dead. Shes the reason why Moonsongs been unconsious for so long now. Its BAD to be asleep that long. What if she never wakes up?!"
"Calm down! Leon needs her remember. Do you know she has a first class room."
He looked at me wierdly. "NO...but..."
We walked up the bloody stairs and i patted his back. I was just as worried as him about Moonsong...what if she really does never wake up?