Ciel<<< love

Spati and Leon were having a heart to heart conversation. They were really letting it all out. Spati was demanding answers and asking what the hell he was doing to Moonsong who was as limp as a piece of wet lettace. Spati picked her up and somewhere...very...VERY deep inside of me, a flame rose then quickly went back down. Then Leon said very calmly "I need that girl! Shes very importent. If you move her, she might never wake up." Spati immediately dropped her but then kept demanding answers from Leon. I was, of course, not going to get in the way of their bonding time so i just kinda stood in the doorway imagining my life back on Althorias and how much fun it would be to have the gang back their just hanging and buying groceries for Gramma...ahhhh.
"AHHH!!!" I jumped as someone yanked me around the corner. It was Maria. I tried to act cool and stuff like it wasn't me who just screamed like a girl. "Yo." i said casually.
"Hey. Do you know anything about Rin." I shuddered. Just hearing the name sent chills down my back.
"She scary for one thing...and intimidating."
She hit me, obviously frustrated. "No! I mean like...whats with her! She appears out of nowhere, pretends to be all innocent, but shes not! And then goes off to make dinner for Leon which i bet shes NOT!" Whoa. This was a strange side of Maria. Shes usually so calm and collected. But was like her hair was falling out.
"All i know, is that shes not-" i got cut off as an explosion made us hit the walls.