As Vic, Rin and Tessa all left, i was left with Spati. As soon as they all left, i grabbed his shoulder and pulled him in an indention in the wall.
"THAT WAS MOONSONG!" I yelled. He looked at me wierd like, no way could that be Moonsong.
"Not possible." He said with a wave of his hand. "Moonsongs stare can not be that cold even if she tried. It always has a bit of warmth in it." I got what he meant. We just stood there for a few minutes imagining her smiling. Ahhhh.
Then we got ourselves together and i went back to my idea. "Leon passed me and Tessa when we were looking for Moonsong. He told us where her room was but said he was doing experiments on her. Rin has got to be her! She looks just like her just..." i wavered off.
Spati was starting to panic. What had Leon done to her. Spati went out into the hall and i followed him. I felt like a dog in Leons castle. Always a follower. "Tell me where Leon went to after he finished talking to you guys."
I lead him back to the lab where Tessa and I had spied on him. "Here." i said simply.
Spati swung the door open and we saw Leon holding up a vile. And...Moonsong was on the table unconsious. What the hell?