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Black Kiss-Moonsong/Rin-15050 pts Lvl 150
Itachiweasle-Spati/Hela-14250 pts Lvl 142
Brother of Evil
Alicie-Yuuki-4700 pts Lvl 47
Lone Wolf
Dark Magic
CDCDCD89-Tessa/Maria-8500 lvl 85
Opposites Attract
VanillaFantasy-Yuna-3000 lvl 30
Chisana Hikari-Rika-0 lvl 0
Redmoon wolf-Ciel-3000 lvl 30
The Otherside (Where people go after they die)
ZelostheGreat-Cio Arris-3000 lvl 30
Cooki Monstress-Falcon-600 lvl 6

Every time you go up in rank, you can add more specialtys or change your appearance if you want. So first you might be wearing black with white stripes and then you reach amatuer and you decide to go pure black. Whatever goes better with whats happening in the story. The rank your at changes or upgrades your profile entry in other words. Work hard everyone :D
Summary: Stuff you may need to know.

Evil character: Leon

Mission: To destroy the machines that are stealing magic from places in the Otherworlds. Also, to get as much information as possible, the Chiros are "working" with Leon to try and ruin his plan.

(By the way, Lvl 1000 is god level.)

Misaki ~ Odd

I had found a nice tree to climb so I could have some time to myself after that bloody mess. Soon Airi and Aoi came back from their little stroll soaked.

Well it's odd enough that Airi healed Bason but now Aoi comes back with cat ears?
"why do I have cat ears!?" Aoi stood up. Ah she was unaware. I wonder how having another set of ears works.Maybe better hearing?
"well everyone is effected in some way here" I made both of them jump and look up. "Hello" I grinned at them "your change may just be a bit more noticable. but those ears sure are cute!" I said Aoi face turned red

hmm I wonder if time spent here affects us or if its our spirits having fun. I mean the outfits themselfs are extremely...tacky in my case. I heared more talking beneath me but I just ignored it and tried to get some rest. This is going to be an interesting experience.


We ran. Well somewhere along the way, instict kicked in and are wings sprouted. So we ended up flying through the hallways. We flew out one of the windows and were high above the sky in minutes.
We flew for a while not talking then slowly dropped altitude.
"Soo..." I started.
"What now?" he finished.
Sorry i haven't posted in a while! And also sorry the post is so short. I forget where we are in the story. I'll probaly back track but in the meantime, more people need to post!

Plan of Action

I nodded as we waited for the time to strike. Hela signaled and I slowly opened the door. It was pitch black around the door, so we has the advantage of surprise. "Now Hela...", I whispered as she morphed into her sisters appearance. "Leon? What's going on here?", Hela said as she approached Leon. Leon backed away, cursin under his breath. I pulled out my gun and aimed for Leon. I fired twice, both hitting his head. Leon dropped and I ran to Moonsong. "Let's go!", I said as I helped Moonsong up and we ran out of the room.


I waited outside the room just as Moonsong said. "What should I do?", I thought to myself as I listened in. I heard Moonsong walking around but not much else. That was when I heard a creaking sound, kind of like a wheelchair. "Must be Leon...if I'...

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"THEN DO THAT!!!!!!" I screamed. I twirled around and fell on the couch. "Calm yourself" i said to myself. I looked at Spati and Hela's other half. They were slowing stepping away from me. "HEY!...Hey. Go and combine with Hela okay? Me and Spati will go report to Leon. Meet us there when your done. K?" They both nodded. Me and Spati left to where that awful voice was in my head. For some reason i just knew where we were. "Okay. Heres the plan! I go in you eavesdrop." He listened.
"What else?"
"What do you mean what else? Thats the plan!"
"Okay how bout this. You eavesdrop and wait for Hela and her other half to come back. Then um..."
"Ill think of something." Spati said.
"Okay!" And i was off.