Llew's proffile

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Name – Llew Williams
Age - 17
Height- 6’2’’
Weight- Healthy (I’ll change it once I’ve decided)
Appearance- Tall, muscular/lean, pale skin but not as pale as Ozzy, bright blue eyes, blond hair that is usually spiked up in the front with a lot of hair gel. Usually wears hoodies and jeans and trainers.
Likes- Surfing, Football, boxing, listening to music, playing fifa and COD, (secret Hobby; - Photography) and helping out with the RNLI and is surprisingly good with children.
Dislikes- Homework, school, people who pick on children, people who refuse to change
Background/and or personality-
Background; - He is like a brother to Ozzy, he is the younger brother of Ozzy’s father and aunt and is technically his uncle, but due to the two of them being born around the same time they’re raised up as brothers. He lives with his Leo and Xanthe (his actual siblings ), Ozzy, Lilly and Jackie.
His relationship with Llew was really good when they were little boys, but they drifted apart at about 10 years old after Llew fell in with the wrong crowd, but now they are back to where they were and Llew is protective of Ozzy.
He is ashamed of his past, and doesn’t really like talking about it and only a few people know about it. But he’s moving on from that, but doesn’t know what to do in the future.
Personality; - Confident, and at times cocky and arrogant. A bit of a prat. An active and energetic boy and a hard worker when he needs to be and can be charming and sweet with the right people/person. Has got a bit of a temper and can be easily provoked, but for the most part is fun loving. His past personality was that much cruller and meaner and had an attitude.
Additional (optional) info~

Relationship map {to come}

- Bacon Sandwich
Drink- Anything really
Activity- Surfing
manga/anime – prefers western comics and cartoon
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