OC Proffile; Ozzy

Name – Ozzy Leo Williams
Age - 18
Height- 6’3’’
Weight- 55.3 KG – 8 stone 9 pounds

Appearance- super pale, tall, bright blue eyes, bright orange hair, and very thin. The clothes he wears skinny jeans mostly and either shirts, waist coats, t-shirts and jumpers, not really one for wearing baggy tops (but doesn’t mind a big warm jumper from time to time), but has got various styles of clothes to wear, mainly ranging from smart to punkish. But he would never, ever wear chavy clothing. He constantly has his crescent moon chocker, (for reasons I will not explain yet:) ) He is tall and really thin, but is a lean because he runs a lot and swims and so he is not weak

Likes- Music, running + swimming, reading, learning new things, doing puzzles, his friends, family, having fun and being roped into cosplaying, space, and his creator, (me) (I’ll add more, if there is later)
Dislikes- He’s not that fond of eating, chavs, people who abuse their powers and people who take advantage/look down on other people, himself, he isn’t that good with technology,

Background/and or personality- He comes from an upper middle class family, He lives with his Dad, Leo, aunt, Xanthe, Little sister, Jackie and cousin Lilly and ‘brother’ Llew. Lost his mother, Rosie, when he was little. He was bullied a lot when he was little and so he has got very little confidence but he doesn’t get bullied as much now because he’s taller than most of them.
He’s a kind and sweet person, and he’s very intelligent and musical and a gentleman. He appears normal, shy and sensible at first, but once you get to know him he is fun loving a slightly insane. Because of the bulling he’s experienced he lacks confidence and suffers from depression and anorexia, though he believes himself to be fat.
His relationship with Llew was really good when they were little boys, but they drifted apart at about 10 years old after Llew fell in with the wrong crowd, but Ozzy still cared about him, but now they are back to where they were
He plays many instruments, Guitar, Piano, keytar (his personal favourite at the moment), and he’s learning to play the violin and he sings.

Additional (optional) info~

Relationship map {LINK}

-Marsh mallows, jam
Drink- Tea
Activity- Music
manga/anime – anything he’ll find lying around really