Dewey's Profile

(I'll get a better picture eventually)

Name - Dewey Osbourne
Age – 10 (ish)
Height - 4’4’’
Weight - 50 Ibs
Appearance - Red hair, emerald green eyes, he freckles on his face, and on the rest of his body. He is small, he’s soooo tiny!!!! He’s very pale skinned. He has a scar on the back of his head (though you can only see it when you lift his hair up) and a light one on his back. Usually wears a Red and white top, and jeans. He always carries his camcorder with him.
Likes – Sweets, his friends and family, reading, making films/videos, playing, music, cuddles, chess, fishing, learning new things.
Dislikes – really spicy foods (though he doesn’t mind mild spices), bullies (especially the ones that attacked him), being cold, Fizzy drinks, loud people, back pain, not being able to help his friends.
Background/and or personality – He lost his mother when he was very young, and lives with his big brother and sister and his father. He speaks with a posh, English accent. He gets bullied a lot, because he’s quiet and he can’t stand up for himself. When he was 8/9 he was attacked by some of the bullies, he was pushed off a ledge, where he got the scars on this back and his head, and left him unable to walk properly for a few months and left him with terrible back pains. He’s shy and quiet and sensitive. He’s very intelligent. He doesn’t talk much to people he doesn’t know or trust very well, but he’s talkative to his friends.

Additional info~

Relationship map {LINK}

Food - chocolate Oreos and Sbag Bol.
Drink - Chocolate milkshake
Activity – Film making
Manga/Anime – He really isn’t one to read manga or watch Anime and stuff but he does like Pokémon and Professor Layton games and movies.

Hey, you want to say hello to the other people De-kun??

Dewey: *pops head from behind me* H-hello *hides again*

Don’t worry, Naoyuki’s here, you’ll get to play with him :) I hope you all like him ^^ Please be kind to him

*the place where I got his weight from*