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Unimportant Detail(s) Post

Not really an RP command, but I just have a couple of notes. 1- Completely irrelevant, but I plan to bring back my Magic-related posts sometime in early October. I just really wanted to test out new RP-styles to see how my skills have chan...

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The Day of Snooze {RP}

Well for those here in the States it is Labor Day, the last day for people to wear white, and for most people, the last vacation day until the Holiday season.

So for anyone as lazy as me or lazier than me, I want to have an RP day to wallow in this occasion of relaxation.

What: Snooze Day--Nothing but relaxation and laziness
Who: Gary and Kenszhin
Where: Kenszhin's house on the Cliffs in the Village Hidden in the Clouds
When: Today, ending this Wednesday (just to keep it open for longer than a day)

Gary: *Lays down on his pillow while watching anime* "This is the life."
Kenszhin: "This is you every day." *Folding clothes*
Gary: "Touché."

P.S: I am actually kinda busy so please forgive me if I fade in and out. I'm very busy this year.

It's Already the End of Summer?! -- (RP CLOSED)

Toki needs help finishing her summer homework, and her little sister is being a pest.

Kita: Anybody up for a par -- I mean, babysitting Atsuko? ;3

What: study group / party
Who: Toki, Kita, Reka, a couple people who want to join
When: will run for a max of one week (08/31) CLOSING TOMORROW (09/01)
Type: Open/Limited, Realism

Helping out a friend and his pet rp anyone?

What:Edson and his pet seagull Jullien are in dire need of help as there are people wandering around watching them and well he needs to know who sent them and how to stop them.
Who:Edson, obsidian, cresh, fleeting, systemia, playback and anyone who cares to join,
Where:cresh's place and the surrounding area under the floating island.
When:till it gets boring.

See ya soon, summer! [Last RP of the Summer]

I really should be doing homework, but I told myself that I was going to make an RP for this world, its been a minute

Well, summer's sort of ending. By that I mean I have 3 weeks 'till school's back in, but it'll still be hot out which is not that bad.
I won't get very deep about my summer but nevertheless, I thought it necessary to convene with my RP friends here.

What: Party at the beach (How generic, right?)
Who: Everybody
When: 'Till August 15th!! (I'm having a bit of trouble w/ my internet and I'm still kinda busy so I might fade in and out sometimes)

To summer! *Cheers*