I'm working on a fan word for Ouran highschool host club. My question to you who see my world is: Should I continue or do you think its a total waste of time. Just tell me what you think, its ok. Be a stirn about so i know if i have to work harder or just stop completely.

The new host

"Ladies and Gentlemen." said Kaoru.
"The host club presents you our brand new host!!" announced Kaoru's twin, Hikaru.
"You ladies are lucky to meet our new host." Tamaki said,"Come in...Dai Takahashi."
A boy walked into the room with waiting guests. He had black hair and bright blue eyes.

First day at the host club is going from bad to worse for Dai.
"Since you're still a newbie, you have to go on errands for us." the Hitachiin twins told Dai.
"Don't worry, the worst it can get is making dinner for them." Haruhi told Dai.
Dai sighed and said, "If you say so...but are you sure I should give these to Honey-senpai?" Dai lifted a big bag of candy.
Just then, Mori came and took the bag from Dai's hands, turned slightly towards him, bowed, and left.
"Why's he so....serious?" Dai asked Haruhi.
"Don't know. I guess that how he is." shrugged Haruhi.
"By the way....you're a girl...but you work in the host club thats for guys. Why are you here?" Dai asked in a whisper.
"I have to pay off a debt." slouched Haruhi,"Why did you decided to join?"
"Well, I have nothing better to do." Dai answered,"Anways, I have to finish the errand Tamaki-senpai had sent me to do."
Haruhi walked to the entrance with him,"And what's that?"
Dai opened the door,"Get coffee."

Dai was walking down the isles at the grocery store. He was sent to go get coffee, so he got what he always got, instant coffee.
Hmm, this should be what they're looking for. thought Dai.
Dai payed for the coffe and started towards the school.


"Haruhi-chan, where Dai go?" asked Hunny-senpai tugging at Haruhi's jacket.
Haruhi stopped what she was doing and turned to Honey-senpai, "He went to go get coffee."
The doors opened and Dai came in. Haruhi gave Dai a wave and smile.
I wonder if he got the right kind of coffee thought Haruhi.
"Tamaki-senpai, I got the coffee you asked for!" called out Dai.
Tamaki slid behind Dai and said, "Thank you Takahashi-san. Now, lets see what you got."
Dai took out the instant coffee that he baught earlier. Tamaki gasped and grabbed the coffe from Dai's hand.
Not this again. thought Haruhi watching Tamaki explain how the instant coffe brought back many memories of her first day here. Haruhi sighed and continued what she was doing, serving tea to the guests.
"Here you go miss." smiled Haruhi as she poured tea into a young girl's cup. This sickens me so much she thought.
"T-thank you." relpied the young girl.
"Its time for the Kaoru and Hikaru game," Haruhi heard the twins say from the other side of the room,"Wich one's Kaoru," Hikaru said,"and wich one is Hikaru." said Kaoru.
Haruhi walked up to where they were and watched.
"Um...that one's Kaoru," said a girl pointing at Hikaru,"and that one's Hikaru" she pointed a Kaoru.
"Thats correct!" they said.
Haruhi couldn't help but laugh a little since she new the girl was wrong. The twins looked at Haruhi in disappointment. Haruhi smiled, mouthedI won't tell them and gave them a thumbs-up. They smiled and did the same. She was about to go to where Dai was, when suddenly she heard screaming. Both Haruhi and the twins quickly turned to the direction of the screaming.
Dai was on the floor and Tamaki was shaking him,"Dai...Dai wake up!" Tamaki was lightly shaking Dai. Mori picked up Dai and put him on a couch.
"Do you think he has the disease where you go limp and can't talk or move but you're still conscious?" asked Honey-senpai.
"You mean narcolepsy..." Kyoya said writing on his notepad.
"Narco- what?"the twins asked.
"Narcolepsy, the disease where you go limp and not able to move or talk but you're still coinscious." explained Kyoya, "Now lets give him some space while we wait for him to wake up."
With that said, everyone got back to doing something. Tamaki was announcing that Dai just needed some sleep and not to worry, the twins were setting up a small bed curtain so the light wouldn't bother Dai, Honey-senpai left a little bag of cookies on Dai's lap so when he woke up, he'd have a snack, and Haruhi just sat there so when Dai woke up, he'd have a person to greet him.

It was dark. Dai could hear Haruhi humming, the twins playing a game, Honey-senpai talking to Mori, and Tamaki talking to a group of girls. But the only thing holding himback was the narcolepsy.
Why? Of all times, why now? Dai thought.
He felt himself regaining his will to move. His eyes snapped open and he sat up with a gasp.
"You're awake." smiled Haruhi.