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You can call me The Mask. In some sites, I'm also known as Detective Mask. I was born on April 12, 1990, making me 25 years old as of this time. I've been a theOtaku member for over 10 years already.

I'm a wandering teacher striving to enhance my skills. I'm also a longtime anime fan, and my all-time favorite anime/manga franchises include Detective Conan (Case Closed), MAJOR, Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), Silver Spoon, and Death Note.

Some other notes: I'm a loyal Detective Conan fan for over a decade already. I'm also a pro-wrestling otaku, mainly with WWE. I love learning about history and I have a soft spot for social psychology.

It's great to have you in my Cafe. Feel free to browse around. Take care and may you have a nice day!

Christmas Words

Well, it's finally Christmas Day. So how have all of you been?

My Christmas was okay. Attended the Christmas mass, had a little Christmas dinner, then had a little Christmas sleep. Basically, that was it. If you're curious as to what we ate, we had baked macaroni, fruit salad, and some roast pork (not sure if that's the term for it, though). I slept early than usual since my body was a bit tired.

As for gifts, the only one I received was the PHP 1,500 cash gift (approx. US$ 30) that my grandmother gave me. I don't plan on spending it, though. I'm gonna have my thesis once I become a senior student on June next year, and a few reliable sources have told me that funding for the thesis would cost at least PHP 10,000 (approx. US$ 200). As such, I need to start saving as early as now in order to minimize any problems I'll have with the thesis before I even encounter such problems. Yes, it's a group work, but I can't always keep on depending on my groupmates to finance the thesis work.

Anyway, I have a new fanword out right now in time for the Yuletide season. It's entitled, Anime Christmas Carols, and is basically Christmas jingles with an anime twist. This is actually a repost of what I made back in 2005, but with an added bonus. And...well, you can always click the link on top to read it.

And that ends my post for today. Happy Holidays!

Anime Christmas Carols

ANIME CHRISTMAS CAROLS (AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was originally posted on December 20, 2005 at theOtaku Articles. A new jingle has been added to adapt to the times. Hopefully, the Christmas spirit is still as lively as it wa...

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