Ciel Phantomhive is the most powerful boy in England,but he bears the scars of a painful past. The boy makes a contract with a demon butler whom yearns for Ciel's soul but not until the contract is fulfilled is that the demon will finally get to feast.

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The Same?!?

ok so i dont know why i am posting this here when it is a roleplay page was just interesting to me and i thought people should know

Just Another Day

Once again as i was working on making the Phantomhive Estate presentable the thing that calls himself Grell bursts in and interrupts and then with words he imprints a disgusting image that gives even demons the chills

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Master all you have to do is order me to kill him and ill gladly do it.All i need is an order.

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i would like you to join me in this world of role-play

talk to me or sebastian to find out how to join and choose your person most likely you will get your choice but here is a list of characters


Hahahaha oh how I love to make a dramatic entrance. *looks around for Sebastian* Now then...I heard my darling demon hottie was here somewhere??? Right?? Cause if he's not then there's no point in me being here -3- Andwhy is this place so dark?! It needs more red! Yes pretty crimson red dripping down all the walls and running like blood all over this place! *spots Sebastian* SEBAS-CHAN!!! *tries to glomp attack my darling Sebby* THERE IS NO NEED TO FRET ANYMORE FOR I YOUR DARLING GRELL HAVE FINALLY MADE MY ENTRANCE! YOU ARE NOW FREE TO BE OVERCOME BY YOUR LOVE AND HOLD ME IN YOUR MUSCULAR ARMS!

More People [the better]


This is chocolatemud just sending out a friendly reminder about this world and all the amazingness that is going to coming its way ^^ we are going to have a lot of RPing to do and everyone is supposed to just have fun ^^ maybe we can even play some games and have prizes, how does that sound?? i know that this can be a fun world if we make it that way so i am going to put up a list of characters and who we have as each so far and if you want to be someone that isnt posted or you just want to be an AMAZING kuroshitsuji character just PM me (chocolatemud) or aka yuki the founder of this site >.<

here is the list!

  • Sebastian Michaelis- aka yuki
    Ciel Phantomhive- chocolatemud


    Elizabeth Midford
    Lau and Ran-Mao
    Prince Soma

    Grell Sutcliff- Eiri Yuki s Lover
    William T. Spears
    Ronald Knox

    Viscount of Druitt

Kuroshitsuji II

  • Earl Alois Trancy
    Claude Faustus
    Hannah Annafellows
    Servant Triplets