Hi.....this's Narutofan123...
I guess this is another place where I'll post XD
I have been focusing more on deviantART these past months...so forgive me :/
And IF you do have a dA account...tell me XD I'll be waiting... XD
and I'm STILL asking....do you think I should still upload my fanarts here??

random vid:

I'm not into NaruSaku that much...I like the song more o3o


i finally finished the lineart of my new pic!!!! :3 -pls check my portfolio if you want to see-

today i have no classes...PTC x3

but the thing is...i'm bored...

BORED!!!! D:

eh....anyway...our halloween party at school's this friday....and we have to dress up as cowboys/cowgirls...=.= mehh...if only our anime celebration in school last year was this year's halloween theme...oh well..

on saturday, me and my classmates are going to my other classmate's -alecx- neighborhood to go trick or treating and all those things...

Imma be going there as Naruto Uzumaki :3 (you could count it as SnJ since i'm a girl in his clothes xD)

i'm looking forward to it :D

that's all i can say now, bye :3

btw, i'd figure you'll like kakashi-sensei breakdancing XDDDD

...i envy him xD

update 9/21/08

sorry for being dead on this site *head/desk* >.<

anyway.......I now got's paint.NET which is like an alternative of photoshop.

Does that mean digitally colored pics???? YEAHZ!!! x3

w000........... thanks to htpp://www.Mheltin.deviantart.com/ for sending me it x3

now I can make my own avatars.....like the new one I have now :3



update 8/5/08

ahh anyway....where was I? XDD

oh yeah....

i forgot to tell you that when the faucet "exploded", gillian was like "WOAH! O_O" and she jumped in suprise.....then fell hard on her butt XDDD it bruised T.T

when she changed into DRY clothes, we were chatting in the living room (me and gillian). Then alecx and victor came out of the comfort room.

They told us that they were playing with red food coloring XD victor had maks all over his face, he was like "...i tried to look like a zombie ._." and then alecx's mouth was all in red, she was like "...what? -3- it tasted GOOD" lol

Gillian was all like, "hey, i wanna do that too." and then i said, "ok, i'll help you" so we went inside the comfort room.

I applied food coloring on half of her face [upper right corner]. Then alecx zoomed in saying, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THAT'S PERMANENT!!!".

and we were like, "F*CK! O.O GET IT OFF!!!!! D:" while continuesly rubbing the colored parts like crazy [i had some on my finger...haha lucky me :P]. then victor stormed in like " WHAT THE F*CK ALECX! YOU NEVER SAID IT WAS PERMANENT! O.o" then he hogged the sink XDD.

we washed in the other comfort room. when the marks were barley noticable, we just calmed down. since we didn't have anything to do, we just rested on the couch.

tracey then asked me to put in my CD [it had a bunch of songs in it]. I played "Lean Like A Cholo" and gillian thought that we could make a dance out of it XD.

when we tried it out, we were all flipping and hand standing and i did "the worm" XDD [yes.....freaky but true...i can do that....LOL]

then after the dance, all of us had to go since it was already 9:00 PM. I slept over at Tracey's house for the rest of the night. I slept at exactly 2:06 AM [ due to chatting in deviantART XD]



please hug/comment these pics that i've recently submitted ^^ thanks! :



update 8/4/08

eh well.....sorry for not posting for a very long time ^^;
yep.....you guessed it.....deviantART XDDDD
anyway....me and some of my other classmates went to my bestfriend's resting house (which is completely diff. from their exact house) to have a party.
we were using the computer, watching DVDs, playing and running around XDD
when it was around like...6:30 PM, we were playing a classic game of Hide and Seek.
Our classmate Paul was the "It", so when he was counting, me and my other classmate Tracey hid under the bed in my bestfriend's sister's bedroom (her sister and the other family members were back ant the real house).
Minutes later, he and another classmate, Gillian, also found us, so we had to find the others.
so far, we saw all but 3 classmates : Jesto, my bestfriend Alecx and Victor.
we've been looking everywhere for Jesto but we couldn't find him
we then heard a noise back in the closet (where i have checked for him a MILLION times ¬_¬) and then, i noticed the butt of his jeans in the closet O.o LOL i never saw that coming.
then we searched for alecx and victor, alecx was hiding in a shelve which was covered by a pillow (by Jesto), so we never saw her since jesto didn't tell us)
victor was outside the house (which was against the rules so he had to be "It").
when he started counting, all of us rushed to the bathroom, (they had a cabinet full of covered shelves there)
so, when all of us, except jesto and gillian were in our hiding spot, Jesto was freaking out so he just hid behind the door XD
gillian was also freaking out so she figured to hide inside the small cabinet below the faucet (which she could fit in)
but when she went in, the faucet kind of exploded (not really), and water was quickly pouring out.
we had to stop our game XD

well....I'll just tell you the rest of the story next time ^^