Trainer's log entry one: I am a tool

Good morning trainers! I'm dusting this world off with some news. I've had a save file on silver for a while that I haven't done anything with, and honestly forgot about because of how things have been lately. It occurred to me a couple weeks ago that I had all pokewalker courses unlocked and I was at the very beginning of the game sooooo, fast forward to now. I'm a total tool and almost caught every pokemon on the courses and last night I powered through two gyms and I'm battling the third as we speak xD so I'll give a detailed training history on that later and let you guys meet my adorable little pixels.

Side note: friendly evolutions take forever I love you guild master! Evolve for me! T.T

Update: working on details now. Will post after homework is finished and a nap x.x Usagi is dangerously close to being a zombie bunny. Hello insomnia my old friend....