Welcome trainers one and all to the world of pokemon! I am Trainer Pink! Im here to guide you on your quest to become the greatest trainers you can be. Here we will go over any and everything pokemon. So please browse through posts and comments and enjoy your stay in my pokemon center~

Trainer's log entry one: I am a tool

Good morning trainers! I'm dusting this world off with some news. I've had a save file on silver for a while that I haven't done anything with, and honestly forgot about because of how things have been lately. It occurred to me a couple weeks ago that I had all pokewalker courses unlocked and I was at the very beginning of the game sooooo, fast forward to now. I'm a total tool and almost caught every pokemon on the courses and last night I powered through two gyms and I'm battling the third as we speak xD so I'll give a detailed training history on that later and let you guys meet my adorable little pixels.

Side note: friendly evolutions take forever I love you guild master! Evolve for me! T.T

Update: working on details now. Will post after homework is finished and a nap x.x Usagi is dangerously close to being a zombie bunny. Hello insomnia my old friend....

New Kanto Champion

I just watched the third episode of Pokemon generations with Okami....Green you were awesome! Just what I'd expect from my bestie. Guys, like for real, if you haven't watched it yet you really need to!

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Shorts released today!

I just got this in my fb feed and thought I'd drop it here for everyone. Super excited still!!!!

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Click me like your life depends on it!!!!!

Omgomgomgomgomvomgomgomgihfeuddiwhdgduseb!!!!!!!!!!! -foams at mouth and falls over-


Omgomgomgomgomvomgomgomgihfeuddiwhdgduseb!!!!!!!!!!! -foams at mouth and falls over-